Another Episode in the Clash of Civilizations

    This week featured yet another example of barbarity by the Mohammedan factions of the world. In Paris a parody magazine that had been publishing cartoons casting Islam and Mohammed in a rather grotesque light was attacked in military fashion by two brothers, one of whom had been indicted a few years ago for recruiting people to jihad. This then led to a man hunt, a | Read More »

    It’s Time to Leave this Tent

    I have been involved, either actively or monetarily, with the Republican Party since 1999 when I was 20 years old.  I realized that the ideals of Conservatism were the proper way to organize a society that would allow for the production of a citizenry that could reach its highest goals.  Prior to this revelation, I was floundering in the types of jobs you might suspect | Read More »

    The Old World Order Giving Ground to the New World Order

    Do not let the title frighten you, this is not about tin-foil hats and Builderberger-led Trilateral Commission nor is this a diatribe that would make Alex Jones stand in applause.  This is explanation of what it happening on the international stage through the use of foreign policy vernacular.  In this sense, “world order” is that which has been constructed by great powers.  When old world | Read More »

    Who Controls the ‘Caliphate’?

    Reading the reports about the events of the past week in the Middle East and it is difficult not to conclude that there is an attempt to reconstruct a Muslim Caliphate.  This week the Islamic State of Iraq and al Shams (ISIS) has conquered a large portion of western Iraq and sit just outside the capitol Baghdad.  They now control much of the territory between | Read More »

    Cantor’s Defeat, The GOP Establishment, and What It Means

    (This was originally written for on the evening of 11 June 2014.  I am the author.) Last night, as I watched another episode of “House of Cards” on Netflix with my wonderful wife Meg, my phone buzzed with the headline from my Drudge Report app saying that Eric Cantor, Republican Majority Leader in the House of Representatives, lost his primary in Virginia’s 7th Congressional | Read More »

    What is the key to Israeli-Palestinian peace?

    The past few weeks the United States, Israel, and Palestinian Authority have been engaged in talks that would bring about a peaceful arrangement for a Jewish state and a Palestinian state to live side by side in peace.  This is yet one of among many attempts to come to some sort of deal with this end goal in mind.  This plan called for Israel to | Read More »

    Fear of a 35 Year Old

    I just wrapped up all 114 episodes of the late-80s ABC hit “The Wonder Years” and it did to me what I suppose it did to my mom when it was first on television.  It stirred up the echos of memories of a bygone era that I look upon with great fondness.  The story focuses on a young kid from Anywhere, American named Kevin Arnold | Read More »

    Why Libertarian is Just Another Word for Leftist

    Earlier this week Kentucky Senator Rand Paul made the remark that the GOP will have to “agree to disagree” about the many social issues that are part of the political discourse in the United States.  Paul now joins many other Conservative pundits who have recently called for the GOP to completely abandon social issues as they are sure losers for the GOP when the environment | Read More »

    Flip Flops Are For the Beach and John Kerry

    It is very difficult to clearly understand what happens on the global stage because many of those who offer their opinion on what is happening do not have the off-the-record back story between the principles involved.  This is no different for the average follower of current events as it is for a United States senator.  To overcome this deficiency, it is important to have an | Read More »

    Statecraft At Play in Ukraine

    The situation in Ukraine and Crimea over the past month has caused many to shout from the mountain tops that the West and the East are in the midst of a new Cold War.  The BBC ran a piece that ticks off all of the many examples of Western media running headlines about this new Cold War.  There are many reasons to look at this | Read More »