What is the key to Israeli-Palestinian peace?

    The past few weeks the United States, Israel, and Palestinian Authority have been engaged in talks that would bring about a peaceful arrangement for a Jewish state and a Palestinian state to live side by side in peace.  This is yet one of among many attempts to come to some sort of deal with this end goal in mind.  This plan called for Israel to | Read More »

    Fear of a 35 Year Old

    I just wrapped up all 114 episodes of the late-80s ABC hit “The Wonder Years” and it did to me what I suppose it did to my mom when it was first on television.  It stirred up the echos of memories of a bygone era that I look upon with great fondness.  The story focuses on a young kid from Anywhere, American named Kevin Arnold | Read More »

    Why Libertarian is Just Another Word for Leftist

    Earlier this week Kentucky Senator Rand Paul made the remark that the GOP will have to “agree to disagree” about the many social issues that are part of the political discourse in the United States.  Paul now joins many other Conservative pundits who have recently called for the GOP to completely abandon social issues as they are sure losers for the GOP when the environment | Read More »

    Flip Flops Are For the Beach and John Kerry

    It is very difficult to clearly understand what happens on the global stage because many of those who offer their opinion on what is happening do not have the off-the-record back story between the principles involved.  This is no different for the average follower of current events as it is for a United States senator.  To overcome this deficiency, it is important to have an | Read More »

    Statecraft At Play in Ukraine

    The situation in Ukraine and Crimea over the past month has caused many to shout from the mountain tops that the West and the East are in the midst of a new Cold War.  The BBC ran a piece that ticks off all of the many examples of Western media running headlines about this new Cold War.  There are many reasons to look at this | Read More »

    Why Cutting the Defense Budget is a Good Idea

    A huge bomb was dropped on the national security community yesterday when Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced that the soon-to-be-released 2015 budget for the Department of Defense would feature massive cuts in personnel levels, material acquisition, and active duty pay and benefits.  The new proposal seeks to cut the budget by $487 billion over the next ten years and decrease the number of troops in | Read More »

    Foreign Policy is Not a Zero Sum Game

    For some, the thought of having a foreign policy that is not centered on military intervention or projection of power is seen as a foreign policy that is not serious about securing US interests abroad.  The most recent event that is looked to as an example of this sentiment is the current kabuki dance with Iran over its nuclear program.  The thought of not standing | Read More »

    Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy

    It is easy to get lost in the fervor of the upcoming election season, which is just around the corner.  This cycle looks to be just as important as the previous three considering that there is a very hot war raging right now within the Republican Party.  The Tea Party has targeted just about every high ranking Republican office holder up for election this year | Read More »

    Praising the Establishment?

    My introduction to William F. Buckley Jr came through finding Rush Limbaugh’s radio show in August 1999 when I was a young 20 years old.  Rush used to mention frequently the mighty intellectual foundations of Conservatism on his show, and Buckley was often mentioned with great reverence.  Buckley is considered by many to be the “Patron Saint of Conservatism,” which is the title of a | Read More »

    McConnell Is Not the Only Target

    In the wake of the debt ceiling capitulation many on here at Red State have taken to expressing their continued and fervent support for Matt Bevin and ousting Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).  This is, of course, a noble and very important cause.  It should go without saying that 65 percent of the problem Conservatives have had in the Senate in stopping the Obama | Read More »