Why Cutting the Defense Budget is a Good Idea

    A huge bomb was dropped on the national security community yesterday when Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced that the soon-to-be-released 2015 budget for the Department of Defense would feature massive cuts in personnel levels, material acquisition, and active duty pay and benefits.  The new proposal seeks to cut the budget by $487 billion over the next ten years and decrease the number of troops in | Read More »

    Foreign Policy is Not a Zero Sum Game

    For some, the thought of having a foreign policy that is not centered on military intervention or projection of power is seen as a foreign policy that is not serious about securing US interests abroad.  The most recent event that is looked to as an example of this sentiment is the current kabuki dance with Iran over its nuclear program.  The thought of not standing | Read More »

    Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy

    It is easy to get lost in the fervor of the upcoming election season, which is just around the corner.  This cycle looks to be just as important as the previous three considering that there is a very hot war raging right now within the Republican Party.  The Tea Party has targeted just about every high ranking Republican office holder up for election this year | Read More »

    Praising the Establishment?

    My introduction to William F. Buckley Jr came through finding Rush Limbaugh’s radio show in August 1999 when I was a young 20 years old.  Rush used to mention frequently the mighty intellectual foundations of Conservatism on his show, and Buckley was often mentioned with great reverence.  Buckley is considered by many to be the “Patron Saint of Conservatism,” which is the title of a | Read More »

    McConnell Is Not the Only Target

    In the wake of the debt ceiling capitulation many on here at Red State have taken to expressing their continued and fervent support for Matt Bevin and ousting Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).  This is, of course, a noble and very important cause.  It should go without saying that 65 percent of the problem Conservatives have had in the Senate in stopping the Obama | Read More »

    Even If We Win, What Do We Plan on Doing?

    It does not take much to discover that there are serious people out there who believe that the United States is in decline.  In fact, some have taken to going so far as to say that the entire Western World is in decline, most notably Prof. Niall Ferguson and Mark Styen.  This attitude raises the questions of is the West, as a whole, in decline?  | Read More »

    An Isolated Individual in an Isolated Society

    Last night my wonderful wife and I joined some good friends in Washington DC and saw the movie “Her” starring Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson and Amy Adams.  The movie, as far as the story itself goes, was really good.  It is a good and touching love story.  But if you just leave it at that you are missing a huge message, or actually a | Read More »

    Rules for Radicals

    Since Barack Obama came to office I have been struck by the number of times I have seen, read, heard, etc. people say that Obama, members of the media, or the Left in general should be ashamed for the way in which they handle their political actions.  First it was the Van Jones incident and people asking why Obama did not know about Jones’ devotion | Read More »

    What is the Inequality?

    President Obama plans on focusing, “like a laser beam” I am sure, on the topic of income inequality in the upcoming State of the Union address next Tuesday 28 January.  This should come as a surprise to those of us paying attention because during the five years of Obama’s administration there has been the largest increase in the income disparity in quite a long time.  | Read More »

    Why Domestic and Foreign Policy Are Intertwined

    There are two pieces today by Victor Davis Hanson that put into perfect perspective why domestic and foreign policy are intertwined.  Having a domestic policy that is bereft of any sense of prudence or morality will lead to a foreign policy that negates the influence of peace inducing powers, and that is the point of the two Hanson pieces. The first piece that I came | Read More »

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