Brokaw Gets Tough with Obama

    So President-elect Obama goes on with Tom Brokaw to talk about his coming presidency.  And our boy Tom, decided that it was time to drop the gloves and put Obama’s feet to the fire.  So what topic did Tenacious Tom use as a rhetorical cudgel to batter the President-elect. The lie of tax cuts for 95% of the American people when 40% don’t pay taxes? | Read More »

    Some thoughts on Prop 8 and Gay Marriage

    Since the election the Prop 8 passage has been a major item on news broadcasts and the internet. We have seen protests at Mormon and Catholic houses of worship (but not in predominately black and hispanic neighborhoods, which Larry Elder attributes to the lack of a possibility of confrontation at the LDS and RC churches) and we have heard a variety of talking heads and | Read More »

    Correcting the Early Missteps

    This morning I tuned into the 2nd hour of the Mike Gallagher show on WNYM in New York. The topic turned out to be about an article, by whom I know not, that questioned why Barack Obama would not be attending his grandmothers funeral. Mike referred to a few possibile reasons and inevitably an Obama supporter called in claiming that the host was sarcastically attacking | Read More »