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    Fiscal Cliff Issues: Framed, Distorted

    Issues that dominate headlines include the economy, unemployment, government spending, the deficit, the national debt, tax policy and tax code reform. The good news is that Democrats, Republicans and independents

    Atlas Shrugging

    Indefensibly, the Democrats of the US Congress and the President are rewriting the Preamble of the US Constitution.  Currently, our supreme law of the land reads, “We the people of

    Referendum on America

    As President Barack Obama pours gasoline on the only fire burning in his campaign, envy and disdain of the successful, otherwise labeled as “pay your fair share” or class warfare,

    Revealed: Despotic Obama

    Many of us who have warned against Barack Obama and his agenda since the 2007-2008 election cycle are relieved.  Barack Obama has come out of the closet to reveal exactly

    In August Alone

    With “Trillions” of dollars now flying around in the political lexicon like the wind, let’s look at how reckless congressional and government spending has created this crisis. In August alone, the Bipartisan

    The Simple Solution: Cut Spending

    A convoluted web of serious problems has converged, all due to decades of treating the government as a vending machine.   Each issue has a simple solution. Ratings agencies are threatening to  “downgrade”

    Don’t Miss the Point of the Debt Ceiling

    With the back-and-forth of the debt ceiling “crisis”, there seems to be confusion that benefits incumbents on both sides of the political aisle. The Debt Ceiling has been raised 102

    Resolute to Contradict

    From the diaries by Erick Tuesday’s continuing resolution vote is a snapshot of contradiction.  Despite the fears, there’s no need for a government “shutdown”. It’s truthfully unnecessary with “essential services” continuing, nonetheless.

    Stability or Freedom?

    “Washington issued around 10 contradictory statements within a 24-hour period” was a statement from an Asharq Alawsat article regarding the situation in Cairo, Egypt.  Without question, the convoluted nature of

    Dump the Ducks!

    The direct relationship between those defeated, lame-duck, Members of Congress returning after their defeat and their votes supporting President Barack Obama’s pretentious “health care reform” is obvious.  The memory of