Principled, consistent, conservative. Board Member Restore the Dream Foundation; Former TN Republican Party Chairman (made history in 2008 w first-ever GOP majorities in both leg chambers, GOP Sec of State, Treasurer, Comptroller). Small business owner of Health Care and Energy consulting firm who loves to kayak, read, hike. Working mom of two blessings!


    $5 Million of YOUR Money…Words Can’t Describe! by Robin Smith

    Our nation is in a financial struggle for a healthy survival.  While there have been politicians who talk about “stimulating the economy through the Recovery Act” and others who’ve talked about tax cuts and incentives for small businesses, the U.S. Treasury keeps sending out money at the approval of Congress and agency approvals for projects too absurd to believe. Today, it is reported that the | Read More »

    Symbols and Substance by Robin Smith

      With the ninth anniversary of the attack on America, September 11, 2001, there have been many discussions relative to symbols of various faiths, acts of patriotism and remembrance.   Most recently, the pastor’s threat to burn copies of the Qur’an to protest the Islamic extremists’ role in terrorism was harshly criticized.  In my opinion, the criticism is justified.  A few responses to the Florida’s pastor’s threat were rather enlightening:  violent protests in Afghanistan, | Read More »

    The New Financial Center: Washington, DC

    The times in Washington demand reform. Everyone, regardless of party affiliation, knows this and is calling for changes in the way our government handles your money.  However, I am the only 3rd District candidate who has stepped up to support earmark elimination…the practice of designating a sum of money away from its intended use and to another project, almost always a pet project of a | Read More »

    “Do More Than Connect the Dots!” Robin Smith, TN-3

    During the last few weeks, the phrase, “Connect the dots” has returned to our national conversation following the failed Christmas Day terror bombing.   We must “connect these dots.”  Our focus, however, should be the clear picture recognizable from the dots already connected yet ignored; ignored out of the scream of “intolerance” and the fear of being deemed “politically incorrect.” For decades, the acts of | Read More »

    Conservative Work Yielding Results

    The recent rash of announcements that prominent Tennessee Democrats are retiring from Congress or ending their campaigns are the fruits of the labor of countless Tennesseans committed to the causes of less government, lower taxes, more freedom and a strong America.   From the days of the founding of the modern Republican Party in Tennessee by names such as Dunn, Brock and Baker, stalwarts have worked | Read More »

    Conservative Principles(& the RNC Platform): Defend or Redefine

    After just reading “Two Kinds of Republicans” on Red State, my thoughts go immediately to the Platform of the Republican Party.  It is reviewed and written just prior to every presidential election to reflect the beliefs and views of those who affiliate and identify themselves as “Republican”.  In its current form ( ) it’s pretty conservative…as it’s been.  How is it that so much effort, time | Read More »

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