When certain people agree with you it is time to rethink your position

    Blix Backs Obama’s Nuclear Strategy Friday, May 1, 2009 Email This Article Print This Article Print All Articles U.S. President Barack Obama’s pledge to work toward a nuclear weapon-free work marks a step in the right direction for the international community, former International Atomic Energy Agency chief Hans Blix told Foreign Policy this month (see GSN, Oct. 8, 2008). “President Obama’s speech in Prague has | Read More »

    Another Big Defense Spending Lie

    Obama Wants Weapons-Buying Bill by Memorial Day Thursday, April 30, 2009 4:25 PM Article Font Size     WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama says he wants Congress to send him a bill by Memorial Day to save billions of dollars by overhauling the process for buying military weapons systems…………….. The president says government auditors have identified $295 billion in wasteful spending on Defense Department programs | Read More »

    Seven Days in May but this time it works

    Pentagon Won’t Echo Obama No-Nukes Pledge Thursday, April 23, 2009 6:25 PM Article Font Size         WASHINGTON — The Pentagon is starting work on a nuclear mission statement that envisions the U.S. maintaining its atomic weapons stockpile for the next five to 10 years, a far more cautious stance than than President Barack Obama’s dream of a nuclear-free future.   The “nuclear | Read More »

    Al Franken, “Metro”, and a political story from Saskatchewan

    I talk politics with my Canadian relatives quite a bit, they are worried that my current emotional low ties directly to the Republican electoral low of today. One of my uncles told me a story about an election held is Saskatchewan in 1991. In it, the incumbant party, the New Democrats (left of center) were seen as betraying their roots and were thrown out of office. | Read More »

    Why Do Conservatives Play Politics so Badly

    From Newsmax: Gov. Jindal to Cheney: Go Easy on Obama Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, frequently mentioned as a leading Republican contender for president, suggested that former Vice President Dick Cheney should back off of criticizing the national-security intentions of President Obama. Speaking on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Jindal said, “I don’t think we should question President Obama’s patriotism or his intentions.” ………………………………… Added Jindal: “At | Read More »

    Watch For Future Defense Spending Sleight of Hand

    From Defense News: $83.4B for 2009: The Last Supplemental? By william matthews Published: 10 Apr 2009 15:20   Print  |    Email   “Vowing that it will be the last wartime supplemental, U.S. President Barack Obama sent Congress an $83.4 billion bill April 9 to cover the costs of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan for the second half of 2009.” So the “normal” defense budget was $514.6 billion (approx.) plus | Read More »

    Former AF Secretary Michael Wynne, find him a Senate or House seat pronto!

    From DOD Buzz: The F-22 Decision in Perspective On December 3, 2008 (only four days from the anniversary of Pearl Harbor), President-elect Obama argued that as President he “would maintain the strongest military on earth.” The decisions announced last week by Secretary Gates undercut the President’s strategic objective. Instead, the decisions re-enforce the ability of the ability of the US to manage occupation, not to | Read More »

    The Disarmament Crowd are as Sharp as the Edge of Town

    A group of disarmament activists led by main sponsor the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) have issued two reports advocating deep cuts to the nuclear arsenal and a massive reduction to the weapons infrastructure. First, the NRDC are a far left environmental group that has opposed pretty much every weapons system the US has ever wanted to deploy. So their latest report is not too | Read More »

    Talk Radio – The Right Left Divide – The Future of Republicans – Open Thread

    Although I have diarized and commented on the need to maintain a strong conservatism based on the founding principles of the nation every once in awhile I get frustrated with what looks like a real uphill battle. Although, not a perfect representation of an average left wing or right wing voter/person, I can’t help but be shocked by the divide. As an example a conservative caller | Read More »


    Russia not afraid of our nukes, Barack want us to not build conventional advanced precision guided weapons

    Russian Experts Question Role of Conventional “Prompt Global Strike” Weapons Monday, April 6, 2009 By Elaine M. Grossman Global Security Newswire Email This Article Print This Article Print All Articles WASHINGTON — Two Russian security experts today suggested that U.S. plans to develop fast-flying, long-range conventional weapons might pose a snag for nuclear arms negotiations between Moscow and Washington (see GSN, April 1). Speaking at | Read More »