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    Political Satire: Obama’s Night Out At The Ruthless Dictator’s Club

    You might like my latest sarcastic and satirical tale about Obama. The original story appeared on There, you’ll also find great articles penned by my friends Larry Wilke and Dr. Robert Owens. Both are outstanding writers and each produce their own brand of provocative, high-quality Conservative thought. I hope you get a good chuckle. Although we won’t believe anything you say, you Liberals | Read More »

    Adrift In The Liberal Gyre

    The Democrat party boat is taking on water…and nothing can be done to stop it! Libs are increasingly dissatisfied with Obama’s performance. Oh, he’s delivered nationalized health care and several big stimulus slush funds. He’s also succeeded in setting the Middle East on fire and thrown our pals, the Israelis, under the broken-down Islamic bus. It apparently hasn’t come fast or far enough for so | Read More »

    Freedoms: Out There

    What are Conservative Americans to make of the late-breaking Middle Eastern revolutions, particularly in the name of freedom?

    As a press guy, I’ve seen the tech media increasingly critical of the Internet shutdowns in Iran and Egypt. Interestingly, Obama and the Liberals have been pushing implementation of an “Internet kill switch” and “network neutrality”, in the United States, for quite some time.

    According to Wikipedia, Tunisia is 98% Muslim, while Egypt weighs in between 80% and 90%. That source also notes that fully 98% of Iran is of the Islamic faith.

    I have to scratch my head when boiling it all down, considering my American concept of “freedom”.

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