As a devout Catholic, Roeten has a high interest in politics. His background as a Chemical Engineer gives him special insights to subjects not normally discussed.


    Obvious Voter Fraud Spawned by “Consent Decree” (CLOSED)

     [Read this. If you can live with it, hit the contact button and ask for reinstatement. Otherwise, have a nice life.] Obama Election Cannot Be Official Unproven yet, but the conclusion is inevitable. Obama likely lost the election. The Obama campaign willingly, or unknowingly, foisted the worst case of voter fraud in US history. Obama, being the recipient of the results, either had full knowledge | Read More »

    Heterosexual Child-Rearing Far Superior To Same-Sex

    Heritage Foundation Reports Taking two separate surveys, on 2 different dates, two different unbiased organizations gave analyses on child-rearing with couples. This time, same-sex couples versus married husband-wife families were compared. Even Mike McManus elucidates how children of same-sex parents fare much worse than they usually do with a hetero-sexual couple. Bob Unruh, states This 1 factor could cut child poverty 82% – Heritage Foundation | Read More »

    You Can’t Ride a ‘Bicycle’ in Soccer

    On 11/15/12, it happened in Stockholm, but few Americans were watching it on TV. One did not actually know what was going on, until the “Play of the Day” popped up on Good Morning America (GMA). The acting anchor (Josh Elliot) usually has interesting topics when “Play of the Day” appears, but this time it showed a Swedish soccer player’s stunning goal in a match against | Read More »


    Fraud in Every Corner of 2012 Election

    All of a sudden election results are coming to light showing massive fraud. Can election results be changed? According to Joseph Farah (WND) [Did Obama really win?], shows results for which the winner should disclaim victory. Bob Unruh said the same thing. In a WND Exclusive: Poll watcher sees Romney ballots changed, he confirmed election disparities. Even with the massive fraud turning the election, there | Read More »

    Protection Against the Likely EMP Attack

      Unheard of Threat A sure-fire method of nullifying the most ominous threat today–an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack. A second Obama term heightens that risk dramatically. “An EMP attack on the American homeland, is one of only a few ways that the US could be defeated by its enemies – terrorist or otherwise,” wrote Sen. John Kyl, R-Ariz., in the Washington Post. This has been | Read More »

    Obama Should Be Impeached Over Benghazi

      It’s only happened to one president—and he resigned. Two presidents were impeached, the most recent was Bill Clinton. With Obama, impeachment (or indictment) charges have not yet been filed. Obama’s actions concerning the Benghazi Consulate (Libya) were more than troubling. It’s known 4 Americans, including a still breathing Ambassador Chris Stevens, were killed in a terrorist attack on the embassy in a tactically coordinated | Read More »

    Can Communism be Around the Bend?

          Many have the full intention of deleteting at least 6 words from the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. Those words are: “…or prohibiting the free exercise thereof… .  “Thereof’” specifically refers to religion. Other constitutional changes seem imminent as well, if Democrats win the next presidential election. A main purpetrator is the infamous Health and Human Services (HHS) “contraception mandate”. An administrative | Read More »

    What You Don

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    Global Warmists Premier Heat Waves

       The Ant Nebula, a cloud of dust and gas whose technical name is Mz3, resembles an ant when observed using ground-based telescopes…  The nebula lies within our galaxy between 3,000 and 6,000 light years from Earth.  Global Warmists Premier Heat Waves   TV Weather Forecast Follies   On every TV weather forecast, the weather report has summarized savage heat waves that have plagued the nation this | Read More »

    That Planned Parenthood Attitude

    Supporters of Planned Parenthood   Recently, Obama has been routing huge taxpayer monies to Planned Parenthood (PP). He seems to have a very close relationship with PP, is convinced that abortion and contraception is the only solution to purported “overpopulation”, doesn’t believe abortion kills anything until the baby is out of the womb, doesn’t understand all those funds aren’t coming from government but the American taxpayer, | Read More »

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