Adversity Reveals Obama’s Character

    Finally! We have a journalist in America that doesn’t believe that you throw softballs to Democrats and then use the baseball bat to pound the crap out of Republicans! Finally! We have a journalist in America that believes in holding ALL politicians responsible for the statements they make and isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions no matter WHO it is. Finally! Barack Obama’s campaign | Read More »

    The Socializing Of America – By Jim Mattison

    Jim Mattison is a fellow blogger on another blog I contribute to called “Writers On The Loose”. Jim is a devout Libertarian but on this issue I think he has hit the nail on the head. With his permission, I am reposting his column here on Red State. Copy it and pass it on if you wish. “It used to be that in America, adamant | Read More »


    MSM Mission: Marginalize Palin At Any Cost!

    Sarah Palin did much better than anyone thought that she would Thursday night. At least if you are honest, she did. If you are the Huffington Post, she completely tanked. Gov. Palin took everything that Sen. Biden could dish out and gave it right back to him. Did she dominate? No. But neither did Biden and that made what looked like a draw, a victory | Read More »

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    These Economic Problems COULD Actually Be An Opportunity For America

    Ok, time for Roger to let a skeleton out of his closet for the sake of making some very important points in this column. I have an addiction that I am “recovering” from but that I have been fighting for 25 years. It’s not important what the addiction is to, just that I know what it means to be addicted to something. The first step | Read More »


    Hey John! Send Sarah!

    The debate appears to be a “go” tonight and the question in everyone’s mind is “will John McCain show up”? I have a great idea! Send Sarah! Think about it! John McCain sends word that due to negotiations on the rescue plan, he will be unable to attend the debate. To debate Barack Obama in his absence will be his running mate Sarah Palin. Would | Read More »


    Uh oh… Trouble in River City ladies and gentlemen! The latest Siena Institute Research Poll shows Obama with just a 5 point lead over John McCain in the Democratic haven of New York State! Someone please get a message to John McCain… Get to New York and get campaigning now!

    Come To Think Of It…

    I am trying my best to find when, in recent history these three events have taken place in an election campaign: 1) The credentials of the Vice Presidential candidate have been expected to stand up to the credentials of the Presidential candidate on the opposing ticket. 2) The Vice Presidential candidate is expected to have any Foreign Policy experience whatsoever. 3) The Vice Presidential candidate | Read More »

    It Takes A Lot To Get Me Mad…

    Anyone who knows me on a personal level knows that it takes a lot to get me mad. A whole lot. I just don’t enjoy the emotion of anger and I stay away from it as much as I can. With politics I get passionate and maybe, on occasion, irritated but I don’t get mad. Until now. The MSM and liberal blogosphere has managed to | Read More »


    Here We Go Again…When Will We Ever Learn?

    It’s looking like Gustav is going to give New Orleans a direct hit. Twelve of fourteen models have the hurricane running right over the sub sea level city. For the last three years we have been spending BILLIONS of dollars of tax payer money to fix the damage of Katrina. Now, we are going to have to do the same for Gustav and it is | Read More »


    Points To Consider Regarding The Recent VP Pick…

    I can’t take credit for this. It was sent to me by a friend but I think it says it all. The recent VP pick has changed the game in this election and my friend makes some very good points here. He posted them as a comment to a column I wrote on another blog expressing my unconditional approval of Palin as the VP pick. | Read More »