I would like just a few remaining questions answered before I am willing to renounce #nevertrump

    It seems most of the Republican Party, from those we otherwise like (Perry, Jindal, etc) to those we despise (Graham) have fallen in line to support the personal and professional failure, lifelong liberal that we have as the presumptive nominee.  I would like to give in and support him. After all, who doesn’t like being on the winning team? This is a common phenomenon in sports. | Read More »

    No, I will not pass the Donald to find out what’s in him.

    I have been trying to answer the various arguments put forth by Trump supporters meant to persuade conservatives who are #nevertrump. Should I put aside moral/ethical concerns and vote because of party? Should I vote for Trump because of the Supreme Court? Another common argument I hear goes thus: Yes, Trump is a liberal. Yes, he is untrustworthy. Yes, he is all of those things | Read More »

    Why I will not give in to secularism and vote for Trump

    We humans are tribal beings. We are individuals, yes, of course, but we also strongly tend to identify as members of various groups. Like concentric circles, we can list a number of groups with which we identify. We offer loyalty and support, time and energy, sometimes receiving back the same, sometimes unrequited. When family or friends hit hard times, we are happy to help, expecting | Read More »

    Let’s dispel the notion that we can vote for Trump because “Supreme Court”

    Let's dispel the notion that we can vote for Trump because "Supreme Court"

    The latest persuasive tactic of Trump supporters is to say we can not be #nevertrump because of the Supreme Court. This is usually in the form of either “or else Hillary gets to pick the Supreme Court” or “don’t you want Justice Cruz.” First, let’s ignore all the consistent evidence that Trump will lose in an historic landslide to Clinton, and assume he does take | Read More »

    No, Ted Cruz is not honor bound to support Trump if he is the nominee.

    A man’s word is his bond. Some people, including good men like Ted Cruz take this seriously. So seriously, in fact, that they feel honor bound to keep a pledge made to do something, even when that something is distasteful. Ted Cruz has consistently answered in this way when asked whether he would support Donald Trump, were he to become the nominee. He signed a | Read More »

    Donald Trump will use this one weird trick to make America great again!

      Donald trump is a walking, talking click bait ad. The ubiquitous ad that claims how this one “weird trick” will make you thin without effort, make you smart, make you speak new languages without trying, or make you rich without working. What is this secret that doctors/personal trainers HATE for you to know? Just click on this ad and find out. Trust me. Sound | Read More »

    So and so is the true RINO

    [Promoted and bumped.  Also: HAHAHA! – Moe Lane] So and so has changed positions on more issues than my favorite candidate. Sure, my favorite candidate has changed positions as well, but their changes were the result of experience and wisdom gained while my favorite candidate went through their singularly unique path to the presidency. Reagan is a good example. So and so, on the other | Read More »