Anybody but Obama? How far would you take that?

    Times are tense on RedState these days, and for good reason – the stakes are very high. Hopefully those of at each others’ throats in many threads will start to

    The Horse Race: My Favorite Candidate Edition

    Things are beginning to take shape in the Republican primaries. Thankfully, My Favorite Candidate is in great shape, really. Their finish in the Iowa straw poll either demonstrated their organization

    So and so is the true RINO

    [Promoted and bumped.  Also: HAHAHA! - Moe Lane] So and so has changed positions on more issues than my favorite candidate. Sure, my favorite candidate has changed positions as well,

    Chill pill, anyone?

    I think the left could wage a campaign of sabotage by periodically posting on sites like this one the words “Palin” or “Pence” or “Cain” or “Romney” and watch us