Chill pill, anyone?

I think the left could wage a campaign of sabotage by periodically posting on sites like this one the words “Palin” or “Pence” or “Cain” or “Romney” and watch us fight. My reasoning:

1. Nobody has declared yet.
2. Nobody has declared yet.
3. There are other good, perhaps better, candidates who haven’t decided yet.
4. We have a lot of work to do in the new congress and should be pushing issues at the grassroots level to ensure the recent gains are wisely used.

As a voter who was deployed for the 2008 campaign and election, I have a difficult time understanding the Palin question – if you took 3 redstaters in a nunnery and brought up her name I think they would break out in song: “How do you solve a problem like Sarah?” McCain was a uniquely bad candidate for many reasons – mostly because he was a nonconservative candidate who appealed to enough conservatives to win the primary by his truly outstanding military record. He then proceeded to implode like a cheap sub and take the hopes of, um, whoever thought he would be a great (electable) president. So many of us are eager to get ahead of the election to prevent a repeat bad candidate (cough, Huckabee). I get it. But there’s plenty of important work to do, like, starting today, right?

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