Anybody but Obama? How far would you take that?

Times are tense on RedState these days, and for good reason – the stakes are very high. Hopefully those of at each others’ throats in many threads will start to come together in a few months, with whoever-is-the-nominee against Obama. For now maybe we could find common ground in fictional candidates. (Yes some of these are not fictional people (though for some that may be debatable), but they are fictional candidates)

Earlier today, justluthien made the comment “In the general, I’ll vote for Quasimodo if that’s what it takes to pry Obama out of the White House.” In response, Repair_Man_Jack said “but would you vote for General Zod? I just about would.”

This got me thinking, how far would I go with the Anybody-but-Obama idea? Here is a worst case scenario ballot. Whom would you pick and why? Write-ins are acceptable, as long as they are keeping in the spirit of the ballot.

[ ] Obama/Biden
[ ] Myers/Krueger
[ ] Zod/Palpatine
[ ] Paul/Dollar-sign-suit-guy
[ ] Damon/Franken
[ ] Olbermann/Maddow
[ ] Moriarty/Sauron (credit to bcochran1981)
[ ] Carter/Wilson
[ ] Luthor/Man-in-Black
[ ] The Situation/Snooki
[ ] Soros/Immelt
[ ] Van Jones/Alinsky
[ ] Jadis/Voldemort

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