I am a middle aged father of eight. I run a small business in Orlando, FL and spend my extra time in WV. I am a constitutional conservative.


    A Response to Publius Hildah’s Critique of Mark Levin and The Article V Convention Process

    While I respect PH’s work and she is no doubt fighting the good fight, on this issue she is simply incorrect on many levels. First she is a strong advocate of nullification and interposition. I support both of these options in theory but the fact is neither have any practical application in the real world. There is simply no way state law enforcement personnel are | Read More »

    Q. Isn’t having an Article V Convention Dangerous?

    If you follow talk radio you know Mark Levin recently announced his latest book and the topic of it. He is calling for an Article V Convention of the States. He also suggests some topics for that convention he calls “The Liberty Amendments” Since the book is not yet out, I don’t know which topics he addresses or how he addresses them. However there is | Read More »

    Rubio and the Fool’s Gold Standard

    While I generally like Marco Rubio he is dead wrong on immigration and now he is pushing another bad idea. Not taxing Olympic athletes gold medals. Let’s follow the argument a little. They have worked really hard to compete in the Olympics? Yes. They are representing the BEST of the BEST in America? Well maybe. More likely they represent the best of the backed. If | Read More »

    A Rogue Take On Iowa

    SANTORUM Santorum bought his new lease on life. He will probably see more money coming in. He will still get creamed in New Hampshire but if he does well in SC he will begin to demonstrate depth in support. My personal take on him? Morally and evangelically we are mostly in tune. Although I think the deficit spending he has helped along is totally immorally. | Read More »

    Structure Demands Behavior UPDATED

    So we know the Republicans have mostly sold us out after we delivered the House and almost the Senate in 2010. We should know that whatever we deliver to the Republican leadership; be it a bigger House, a Senate majority, the White House in 2012, they will do nothing of consequence. Taxes won’t be cut or simplified; spending will hardly slow and given our last | Read More »

    Article V Opinions ~ Open Thread

    I am working on something and looking for some opinions related to Article V of the US Constitution and the idea of an Article V Convention. We see Herman Cain’s 999 plan for example which might require an Amendment or if SCOTUS were to uphold ObamaCare an Amendment might be needed to fix that problem. Many support a Balanced Budget Amendment or Term Limits as | Read More »

    Solyndra in the Sand. This is what nation building looks like.

    ( — There is not a single, public Christian church left in Afghanistan, according to the U.S. State Department. This reflects the state of religious freedom in that country ten years after the United States first invaded it and overthrew its Islamist Taliban regime. In the intervening decade, U.S. taxpayers have spent $440 billion to support Afghanistan’s new government and more than 1,700 U.S. military personnel have died serving in that country. The | Read More »

    The actual legal reasoning the Department of Justice used to kill an American? It is a secret.

    Months ago, the Obama Administration revealed that it would target al-Awlaki. It even managed to wriggle out of a lawsuit filed by his father to prevent the assassination. But the actual legal reasoning the Department of Justice used to authorize the strike? It’s secret. Classified. Information that the public isn’t permitted to read, mull over, or challenge. Why? What justification can there be for President | Read More »

    Why I am NOT a member of the NRA

    I assume most folks are aware of the gubernatorial race in West Virginia. We have another left wing nutjob running as a verbal conservative and we have a successful businessman running as a conservative. Tomblin(D) vs Maloney(R). So who does the NRA endorse? A friend forwarded this email. Use Your Vote to Defend Your Freedom! Vote Earl Ray Tomblin for Governor Tomorrow, October 4! Tomorrow, | Read More »

    They Hate Us Because We Are Free

    I have heard the refrain for 10 years. So too have you. I have heard it from folks I dislike, from folks I respect and from people I both like and respect. We are told they hate us because we are free. And it is a lie. Political correctness served large.   There are many reasons why this is a false statement. For example, it | Read More »