Millenials’ Shining City On a Hill

    Pew Research’s detailed analysis of Millennials is a potent mix of data, and a warning for Republicans.  Barack Obama carried a wide majority of the under-30 vote, and this majority swept him to victory in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida.  Part of this advantage among the youth is due to the ethnic mix; just 58% were white non-Hispanic.  But part of it is their values: A significant | Read More »

    How to win the (youth/black/latino/fill in the blank) vote, Step 1.

    Step 1.  Stop insulting voters.   This seems so basic, yet many of the posts, comments, speeches, punditry, and “rational discourse” blow this entirely.  Pick your voter block, and conservatives have an insult pre-packaged and ready for them.  Liberals just don’t tend to do this as pervasively as our side does.  They learned a long time ago: insulting your constituents is a political loser. Examples: | Read More »

    What Conservatives can learn from the election about the “social issues”

    Election night 2012 was particularly emotional for me.  Two of my children were voting for the first time, on issues that were directly consequential to them.  We live in Washington State, and my eldest daughter is gay.  Marriage equality has been long-debated in our family, and after many years of points and counter-points, statistics and studies, I was finally persuaded to support its passage.  Marriage | Read More »