Is Rick Perry really that Conservative??

    Rick Perry is a Bush Conservative which means he isn’t one. Rush, Hannity and others pushed Bush in 2001 and I said that was a mistake and Perry is worse. While I’d vote ABO — Anybody But Obama — Perry isn’t going to unleash this country and return to the principles on which it was founded.   Instate tuition for illegals?   Do a search on Slick Rick’s | Read More »

    Romney vs Career Politician Perry

    Romney created Bain Capital in 1986 with a venture capital start up of $ 37 MM, ALL RAISED ENTIRELY FROM PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS. Since then, Bain has invested in over 110 companies, some successfully and a few not successfully. That’s why it is called risk capital. Bain continues to invest in start ups but Perry was focusing on Romney’s tenure at Bain so I will as | Read More »

    Romney vs. Perry on Jobs

    THE JOBS TOPIC is very important and it’s tied to illegal immigration. RICK PERRY IS SOFT ON ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION BECAUSE HE WANTS CHEAP LABOR JOBS FOR AMERICANS. PERRY IS AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS WAITING TO HAPPEN. This is why George W. Bush, Obama and George W. Perry are triplets on illegal immigration. Illegal immigration lowers wages and makes labor in America cheap and appealing to businesses overseas. | Read More »

    Why Barack Obama Loves Rick Perry

    RICK PERRY WOULD BE A DISASTER IN A GENERAL ELECTION. Obama knows he can’t run on his record but against Romney he has to run on his record because he can’t run against the Tea Party or extremism. Obama and the Democrats wnt an election like Harry Reid vs. Sharon Angle in Nevada. HE CAN ONLY GET THIS IF HE RUNS AGAINS PERRY Against Rick | Read More »

    Rick Perry is Amnesty for Illegals Waiting to Happen

    Rick Perry and Obama are twins on immigration. Romney knows as the global economy increases and the local economy shrinks it becomes more important to secure the border and curb illegal mmigration.  PERRY IS AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS WAITING TO HAPPEN!!  Perry was against the fence.  Perry said that the immigration law in Arizona was too strong for Texas.  Perry passed a version of the Dream | Read More »

    Romney and the Global Economy

    Romney should win the Republican nomination and win the Presidency. He’s right to focus on his business experience because America faces a business problem not a political problem. You don’t need another politician like Perry or Bachmann who will just be the polar opposite of Obama. We don’t need a right wing or left wing idealogue because politics will not fix the problem. America is | Read More »

    Why should we nominate George W. Perry?

    It makes no sense for Republicans to nominate another Governor from Texas this soon after Bush.  Rick Perry can easily be morphed into George W. Bush 2.0 or George W. Perry by Obama and the Democrats. It’s the same reason why Jeb Bush isn’t running. George W. Bush is toxic to the Republican brand right now. Is it fair? No, Rick Perry is a good | Read More »

    Rick Perry is George W. Bush 2.0

    Are the Republicans asking to lose the next election? I’m for Romney but I will support Pawlenty, Huntsman or Bachmann. How does anyone think another Governor from Texas at this time will be anything other than a disaster? When I watch Perry on Cavuto or when he gave a speech, all I could think of was George W. Bush 2.0. If I’m a democrat who | Read More »

    Romney leads Obama in new ABC Poll

    Again, Romney appeals to independents. His whole career has been about growth. Wether it’s with Dominos Pizza and Staples or the Utah Olympics.  We need a President that understands the global economy and how to compete with emerging markets.  Sarah gets a bump among Republicans who would rather go on a suicide mission to feed their ideology instead of beat Obama. Independents will never accept | Read More »

    Sarah Palin is the true RINO

    She talks about a third party on Hannity when she knows that will give Obama 4 more years. Sarah Palin will never get independents and you can just throw out any chance of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Ohio if she’s anywhere near the ticket. These same so called Conservatives support Donald Trump who just gave money to Rahm Emmanuel in Chicago. Mitt Romney is thr | Read More »