Draft Chip Saltsman for RNC Chair

    It’s a time of rebuilding for the Republic and our party in specific. The American people have let their voice resound quite loudly; they have rejected the status quo. As a party we must do the same if we wish to ensure the future of our party. It is easy to sit here and be an arm chair quarterback, and say that we need to | Read More »

    Cleaning House – Why it Must be Done

    With all due respect to Leader Boehner, Whip Blunt, Sen. McConnell and Sen. Kyl; things have got to change. You have all done your best, with what you were given and we are all grateful for that. But things must change. You see, despite your efforts things have gotten worse. The situation is now dire, we can not handle further loses of this nature. It | Read More »

    Battleground: GA-08

    In a year in which Democrats are set to make large gains across the board, there are but a few seats that can be gained by the Republican Party. One such seat is Georgia’s 8th Congressional District. The incumbent won by only 1,700 votes in 2006 and fancies himself as a “Conservative Democrat.” Congressman Marshall’s record speaks for itself, and he is easier to stomach | Read More »

    Economic Terrorism: Fact or Fiction?

    This past weekend, Gov. Mike Huckabee used the term “economic terrorism” on his show Huckabee. But what exactly does this mean? Huck posits that it is possible for economic crises, like the current one, to be caused by a group set out to upset the economy via pulling money in and out fats and disrupting the normal function of the market. He cites the increased | Read More »

    Biden Flip Flops on Foreign Aid

    I’m not going to cover what most are yelling about right now, that being the whole coal thing and other things Biden and Palin said tonight. I have a different bone to pick, and my oh my it is a big bone. Joe Biden said, and I am paraphrasing, that due to the Wall St. Crisis the Obama Administration may have to cut back on | Read More »

    Bailout II: The Search for More Money

    The Senate just passed the bailout plan by attaching it to an already passed bill and amending that. Hold still my beating heart; I thought things would get better after Monday’s vote. I thought I saw backbone in House Republicans.Lo and behold today the Senate actually passes the thing. But things are now worse. I’m not talking about the markets, they are better now than | Read More »

    Is the Bailout the Chance to Revolt?

    I won’t call names or down trod those who think this bailout plan is necessary, but I will still remain vehemently against it. I am very proud of the Conservatives in the House who stood up to the Democrats and did not cave into threats of loosing committee seats. I’m rather sad that we are already looking into future plans. Half of the top economists | Read More »


    That is the only word for this trend of government bailouts and buyouts. I will concede that these companies are important to the stability of our economy, but tell me why the Federal Reserve has to wait all weekend to decide to bail out AIG? If it had been done on Friday, the cost to the American Tax Payer would have been substantially lower. Yet | Read More »

    Jim Marshall’s Energy Plan

    I whip open my local newspaper and what do I find in the editorial section but a letter from Jim Marshall. Jim is my district’s representative. Lo and Behold, his letter is about a new energy plan he has signed on too. I’ll surmise it for you in few words. Drill a lot, put the federal revenue into developing technologies, and eliminate foreign oil dependence | Read More »


    I’m one of those people. You know, I never have really talked about 9/11 in terms of how it impacted me. I mean a few people know, but you know? I remember it quite vividly actually, I had the experience of being a participant in the Georgia Youth Summit held at Rock Eagle, in beautiful Eatonton, Georgia. I had been to Rock Eagle many times | Read More »

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