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    The Isolationist Wing of the GOP

    As the debates and discussions continue to swirl around the war in Iraq, the War on Terror, Afghanistan, Iran, nuclear weapons, and other geopolitical topics, I hear a growing drumbeat within the Republican Party of isolationism. It seems to be coming from those of the libertarian bent. I find that in most instances, I agree with my libertarian brothers and sisters, but in this area, | Read More »

    America: Taking a Walk on the Wild Side

    In 1972 Lou Reed released the classic Take a Walk on the Wild Side. Peaking at #16 on the pop charts, the song described an underground lifestyle that was unknown to most of America and whose subject matter was counter to the prevailing culture. References to transsexuals, male prostitutes, oral sex, and drug usage were each a vignette in the song’s verses. Because Americans were considered | Read More »

    Doctors of Death

    “Mengele ran a butcher shop-major surgeries were performed without anesthesia. Once, I witnessed a stomach operation- Mengele was removing pieces from the stomach, but without any anesthetic. Another time, it was a heart that was removed, again without anesthesia. It was horrifying.” -Auschwitz survivor Alex Dekel The trial of Kermit Gosnell, abortion provider, has concluded, and a conviction for multiple murders was rendered. But the atrocities that | Read More »

    Final Thoughts on Redefining Marriage

    If I were to be invited to a masquerade ball or costume party, I think it would be fun to go as Abraham Lincoln. I would get the stovepipe hat and long full beard and practice my speech making voice; reciting the Gettysburg Address until I had it memorized. The other guests at the party would greet me as Mr. President as they smiled and | Read More »

    Republicans: The Answer is Easy if You Take it Logically

    I remember as a 22 year old, working full time and going to college full time, newly married with a baby on the way; the election contest between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. I had not been politically astute up until this time in my life. Then I heard Ronald Reagan give a speech on television and things changed for me. I don’t remember what | Read More »

    “Hey, Look! Is That Somebody Famous?”

    When Mom and Dad were first married they moved to the “Land of Oz”, (California) and directly to the “Emerald City”, (Los Angeles); home of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, swimming pools and movie stars. In those simpler times, one of their favorite entertainment activities was to drive around Beverly Hills and look for movie stars. Up and down Rodeo Drive, Sunset Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard | Read More »

    Chicago: The Wild, Wild, West!

    The City of Chicago has become the laughingstock of the country and is beginning to look  like the lawless towns of the old west in the latter part of the 19th century.  In January 2013 there were 43 murders committed in the city, which is dramatically more than during gangster Al Capone’s heyday in 1929, when there were 26 murders in January of that year | Read More »

    From Uncle Sam to Aunt Sissy

    I was walking by a park recently and noticed a group of kids playing football, with parents lined up and down the sidelines of the playing field. The game was flag football and I was struck by something new. All of the players were wearing football helmets. In flag football? At the other end of the field was a playground with a ladder, slide, and | Read More »

    Evil Guns or Evil People

    The tragic killings at a school in Connecticut, including 20 children, make national news and cause us to stop and reflect. Almost immediately the usual suspects begin to call for the stricter control of guns, if not the outright elimination of them. The perpetrator is often found to be a disturbed individual who eventually draws sympathy from the media and talking heads, the guns being | Read More »

    Time For Reflection: Revisited

    After the November election I posted “Time for Reflection”, so with more time for further contemplation, I thought I would share some additional thoughts. The original post was the morning after the election and I shared what was immediately on my mind, a gut reaction of sorts, concerning the previous night’s election. In that post I focused on what happened and not why it happened. With time | Read More »