Common Thread: Cops and Muslims

    Where’s the outrage? After a Muslim Terrorist is successful, we hear the pundits ask, “Where’s the outrage from the Muslim community?” I want to ask the same question of the cop community! IMHO the fraternal brotherhood of law enforcement officers has some splainin to do. Last week my friend Matt covered the story about the cops shooting the dog in Hawthorn just outside LA… People | Read More »

    The Leviathan: Protecting its interest

    What is the Leviathan? “The Leviathan” is a book by Thomas Hobbes (1660). Any book can be read and interpreted differently depending on the perspective of those who choose to chew on the words within. But for me, Hobbes’ “Leviathan” may be just as pertinent (if not more) than “1984”. Hobbes’ “Leviathan” spawned an early consideration and theory that has become known as “Hobbesian Theory” | Read More »

    End Game: The Constitution Speaks for Itself

    As we approach E3, there’s a lot of excitement and mystique that builds up to the unveiling of next year’s Big Two. Previously unseen graphics and processing power are new benchmarks touched by the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and the tech-savvy fawn over not only the specs but the impressive line-up of games that both are confirmed to have. Some people are intimidated by | Read More »

    Couric’s Mea Culpa: Biased video game violence coverage

    Recently, Katie Couric tackled the subject of video game violence in one of her Follow Up Friday segments. It was a fairly one-sided report adamant on perpetuating video games as a major factor in violent tragedies like school shootings. Games were subtly scapegoated through the usage of people like Daniel Petric in its ad hominem, and ultimately the report set its sights on public sympathy | Read More »

    WH planted the Code Pink Protester

    C’mon now that is just one of those vast right-wing conspiracy theories to get you to come read my blog… Really? This one pretty much wrote itself. Yesterday, I came across this tweet… honestly, how does Medea Benjamin get into anything anymore. the CIA’s russia operation should have her teach classes — john r stanton (@dcbigjohn) May 23, 2013 How does she get in? That’s | Read More »

    Biden Slips and Reveals True Aim of Government “Studies”

    Joe Biden

    At a recent meeting at the White House between Biden and faith-based leaders Billy Graham’s son Franklin proposed the idea of taxing violence and funneling proceeds to “help victims.” To which Biden replied that there was “no reason why they couldn’t do that.” Now the unconstitutionality of this has sparked no small amount outrage among those who value the First Amendment. But what he says next should alarm them even more. Biden continued by saying, “They really need a good scientific study, which they’ve done on things like smoking.”

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    Keeping them Focused on Benghazi

    Benghazi is a much bigger problem for the Administration than the IRS/Tea party issue, or at least that would be a good bet. The IRS targeting of Patriotic groups is no doubt a very big problem. Anytime a government agency as powerful as the IRS is targeting groups for political purposes it is BAD NEWS. A Federal Government agency targeting groups that educate the general | Read More »

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    Political Correctness, Bullying and other BS

    Some lessons need to be learned: You can tell your child a million times, “don’t touch the stove, it’s hot,” or you can tell them once, let them touch it, and they quickly figure it out.  Some will think I am evil, but the fact is it’s effective. Choices are a part of life; the wrong ones will burn you. Traditionally in America, we have | Read More »

    Somebody Please let me know when it’s OK to Freak Out!

    My father and his brothers had to hoe a row of corn, sleep with goats to stay warm, and fetch water for Grandma. They were the kids in high school that smelled like cow manure, and at the time, a lot of people did. He got beat (the kind they made illegal now) for his brothers doing something wrong, simply because he was the oldest | Read More »

    Brits Ban Guns at America’s Largest Gun Show

    The Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show announced last week that America’s largest outdoor sports show will be banning “certain products” from the show.  This week it is becoming clear that they might be regretting that announcement. Reed Exhibitions, the British company promoting and organizing the event said in a statement “this year we have made the decision not to include certain products that in the | Read More »