“Peace-minded Israeli reaches out to everyday Iranians”

    Naive, dangerously idealistic idiocy lives on. From CNN: Peace-minded Israeli reaches out to everyday Iranians via Facebook …Ronny Edry, an Israeli graphic designer based in Tel Aviv, to get his message across to the people of Iran. “My idea was simple, I was trying to reach the other side. There are all these talks about war, Iran is coming to bomb us and we bomb | Read More »

    The 3 Magic Words for the Budget Debate and Campaign 2012

    There are three words that must be our mantra throughout the budget debate and the 2012 campaigns: “Where’s YOUR plan?”  I can’t emphasize this enough. Paul Ryan and House Republicans have had the guts to lay out a plan that actually solves our long-term fiscal imbalance problem. Obama and the Dems responded only with pot shots. Our response, constantly, time and time again, in every | Read More »