Hurting the American People

    Strategy Issue Let It Burn: Let Democrats Own It Refuse To Pay For It: Tea Party Fight To the End Political Advantage Hurts the Economy Permanent raises health insurance premiums Caps fees and profits Reduces supply of doctors and hospitals Increases demand for them Permanent shortages, long lines and reduction in medical care Furlough non-essential federal employees Close non-essential federal agencies, bureaus and offices Cancel | Read More »

    Trusting the American People Part 2

    Are the Washington Republicans bad at Politics or what? Politics: the practice of influencing other people through debate or conflict. It’s not about Senate procedures. It’s not about the stock market. It’s not about what the New York Times prints. It’s about character. It’s about principles. It’s about love of country. It’s about fighting for what you believe in. It’s about leading other against the | Read More »

    Trusting the American People

    Republicans confuse me. They propound the Founders’ core value Limited Government; but, when the Democrats concede it, gift wrapped on a silver tongued platter, the Republicans, THE REPUBLICANS, whine and cry: we can’t win, we can’t win. Values Liberty Unite We Stand No federal government in our lives Personal Responsibility Equal Opportunity of All Hard Work Ethics, Morals and Faith These values deposit political power | Read More »

    New Year 2012

    My New Year’s resolution is to start writing my thoughts on the state of my country. It is my profound hope that this year, 2012, will see the return of individual rights and free markets.