Want to Form A New Third Party? Slow Your Roll

    Look, I’m for third parties. Indeed, I’m among many who’ve made the decision to walk clean away from the GOP in favor of one. So I don’t say this lightly: Taking disaffected Republicans and former GOP brass to create a NEW third party is a monumentally stupid idea. For now. Generally, I wouldn’t feel it necessary to say this. It should, after all, be obvious. | Read More »

    Preventive Law and Liberty

    The blog Bleeding Heart Libertarians featured an interesting piece today (h/t on requiring a license to rear children. The basic argument made by the author, Andrew Cohen, is thus: The state should require parents to be licensed. That is, there is no moral right to raise a child, and we would do well to think of it as a privilege that the state grants | Read More »

    Things I never want to hear again for the rest of the Primary season: A primer for new politicos

    I’ll admit: I honestly don’t have a horse in the race this time around. I have a list with constantly shifting components, but there’s not a single candidate this Primary season about whom I am really excited. I’d like to be — and maybe it’s just because I’ve been taking so much time off from political writing and ranting — but this time around, I | Read More »

    Best Case Scenario: Superintendent Marc Winger is a Pandering Simpleton

      See, this is what happens when I ignore the news for a while. Generally, I like to keep an eye on educational news because, children are, after all, our future. But, I somehow missed news over last weekend about this 11-year-old kid being suspended for comparing somebody to Obama. And it wasn’t even Hitler. Now, if you don’t have time to hit the link, | Read More »

    “Their Fair Share…” as defined by whom?

    With the budget topping the Congressional — and indeed much of America’s — agenda, there’s a lot of talk, from the Obama Administration, to Congressional Dems, to Leftist Pundits, about the need of the wealthy to “pay their fair share.”  Unfortunately, what none of them seem willing — or able — to do, is define it.  What exactly is their “fair share?”  What’s  the equation | Read More »

    Lemons, Lemonade, and what we’re teaching our kids

    By now, most people have heard the story of the three GA girls who were maliciously selling lemonade outside of their home, for what can only be described as the nefarious intent to earn money. Obviously, the most immediately troubling thing about all of this is the willingness of goose-stepping “civil servants” to harass children for the horrifying crime of doing what kids have done | Read More »

    “OMG, Random Politician did a Random Thing of which I approve! Random Politician 2012″

    OMG, you guys!  Random Politician just spoke at a random event and blew me away!  And this comes on the heels of his Random Action for which he was specifically elected.  I think I just found my dream candidate for 2012! Conservative Bona Fides? Did you HEAR his speech?  Did you WITNESS the carrying out of his specific mandate  by doing the exact Random Thing | Read More »


    Mike Long: New York Democrats’ 2010 MVP

    As Republicans rally in an effort regain majorities in the U.S. House and Senate, one pick-up they should be able to count on is New York’s 23rd District.  The basic formula is there.  Previous to the Special election to replace  John McHugh, a Republican had held that seat for decades.  It is still a strongly Republican District.  In fact, a Republican should have won the | Read More »

    Mad as Hell: Why Carl Paladino Matters

    On June 2nd, Republican leaders in New York chose a candidate for Governor.  The man they chose, a favorite among GOP elites, was Rick Lazio.  Of course, in New York, as in other states, it is ultimately the voter, and not the elites, who make that final determination.  Last night, the voters chose Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino.  In a similar — though much more publicized | Read More »

    Flame on! Paladino for NY Governor

    If you listen to the polls, any Republican winning the NY Governor’s chair this year seems pretty much like a pipe dream.  In fact, look at them long enough, and you might be tempted to believe New York will remain a very blue state across the board. On the other hand, New Yorkers are angry.  They are frustrated.  A majority favors a repeal of the | Read More »