Consequential Elections and Their Consequences

    Elections DO have consequences.   If you doubt that, take a look at announcements made in the days since Barack Obama won (?) his second term as President of the United States. Big companies like Walmart, Papa Johns and Denny’s are complaining loudly, but not nearly as vociferously as their employees will be when they realize their paychecks are shrinking – if they keep their | Read More »

    I’ve had enough.

    Okay. I’m officially over it. Like the little girl I saw in a video yesterday weeping because she’s sick of Bronco Bama, I’m ready for a change. I’ve been a good patriot and have gleefully given my energy and my attention to see the election through, but with just five days left, I’m all out of enthusiasm. I’m even tired of wearing my Romney/Ryan tshirts | Read More »

    Blaming Sandy

    I’m not a fan of early voting. I recognize that it’s not always convenient to saddle the pony and ride off across the desert to cast one’s ballot on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November, but this is a civic duty and I can’t find a promise to voters that this responsibility will be convenient. It’s like the walk to school, barefoot, in | Read More »

    Like a Day at the Spa!

    A few weeks back, in the heat of the “skewed polls” debate which erupted when it was learned that pollsters were weighting the democrat components of their polls to give the incumbent an edge and create the appearance that the President had the election in the bag, Dick Morris suggested conservatives visit Of course, I did so immediately and was delighted to see what | Read More »

    Imported from Detroit

    Here’s a happy surprise, fellow political junkies. If you look, you will probably find Romney Ryan signs in front of the Detroit News this morning. The Motor City’s future once teetered on the knife-blade of bankruptcy and, at least according to Team Obama, would have been cast aside as so much refuse if Mitt Romney had had his way. Romney was not in favor of | Read More »

    Muckraking Reaches New Low

    Today’s headlines make me hang my head in shame. On one hand we have Gloria Allred and her Democrat clients trying to un-seal court documents relating to a contentious child custody matter in which Mitt Romney testified and, on the other, we have The Donald revealing that Michelle Obama once wanted to be shed of Barack.  So what do these things have to do with | Read More »

    The Voting Instinct

    I find it terribly entertaining to watch talking man-heads wax eloquent about what motivates female voters.   I suppose they have stacks of data about how women select candidates. I’m even sure those data reflect that some women choose the “handsome” candidate. To my everlasting shame, my mother voted for Bill Clinton.  Twice.  Not because he was particularly gifted in foreign policy or economics, but | Read More »

    Lame Duck Season

    With the second of three debates between the Presidential candidates in the history books this morning, I can’t help but feel optimistic about Mitt Romney’s performance and – more importantly – his prospects for the big win in November. I’m becoming more confident every day that this President will be living in a different house come mid-January. Wahoo!   Of course, thoughts of what Barack | Read More »

    Excuses. Excuses.

    I have no time for excuses.  In my mind, they are completely non productive. Face it, friends, when it comes to excuses, your friends don’t need them and your enemies won’t accept them anyway. Why bother?   I wondered last night, though, at the way in which Vice President Joe Biden excused away the administration’s pitiful handling of the Libyan murders of four American citizens | Read More »

    Trivializing Benghazi

    For the past few days I’ve heard more than a little grousing from the Democrats about the way in which Republicans seem to be making the horrors of Benghazi, Libya “political.” It makes me cranky.   First of all, let us say that lives were lost. That’s tragic and is made even more so when we learn, as we did yesterday, that the loss of | Read More »