Chris Matthews Moments

One of the headlines I read today which talked about the pick of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running-mate used the word “energized” to describe the excitement around this wise and wonderful decision. Are you kidding? Energized?


I just watched the first Romney/Ryan ad….America’s Comeback Team ….and I’m having a Chris Matthews moment. There are chills running not only up each of my legs, but also down both my pudgy arms. There are honest-to-goodness tears in my eyes.


America, there may be hope after all!


Now, I wasn’t a Romney fan in the beginning. I’m not necessarily one today. I mean, I have the Romney bumper stickers and I wear the Romney tee shirts, (I have one for every day of the week – how’s that for keeping the faith?) but I do that more out of duty to my country than out of conviction for the man. Now, with the addition of Paul Ryan – a Camelot kind of guy with a firm grasp on this nation’s economic crisis – I feel as if somebody just airlifted a paddle up that proverbial creek and handed it to American taxpayers like me. There are answers and Paul Ryan has them. Not only does he HAVE them, he has them written down and ready for implementation. Wahoo!


People like me who have been in business for themselves and who *think* they built it themselves know that you can’t be all things to all people. The secret to success in any venture is to surround yourself with competent people. Mitt Romney obviously knows this. His business experience demands that he have the best people he can possibly find to help him steer our nation on the journey ahead. If the question is the economy, the answer is Paul Ryan.


Yeah. I’m energized. Right out of my house and into the streets….I guess I’ll need new bumper stickers, though.

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