Wildfire Ahead!

The political winds are stirring and the media is abuzz with pundit speculation, campaign brow-beating, and varied whimsical journalistic verbosity.  Mitt Romney has announced that Paul Ryan will be his vice-presidential running-mate.  The fire has been lit, reader friends.

Much ado has been made and will continue to be made over Mr. Ryan’s budget proposal of 2011.  When this proposal was first presented, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth within the Democratic Party, but Ryan has held firm in his conviction that our runaway federal debt is burying us and America must make changes.

The Senate, even when Democrats held a super-majority, has not passed a budget since President Obama has been in office as is required by law. Our ship-of-state is adrift financially with no land in sight.

Is that any way to run the biggest government in the world? Not so much.

Most of us have realized that, in the upcoming elections, American voters will be deciding whether we want our country and its citizens to become more socialistic and more dependent on our government as Mister Obama and his minions want, or if we want to shrink government allowing it less interference  in our individual lives.  That’s the big picture, but there’s a smaller frame in this big picture that is even more defining for all of us.


Over the last few decades, America has accumulated a massive debt of almost sixteen trillion dollars.  It is easy for us to blame our politicians in Washington, both Democrat and Republican, for this debt, but the fact is that we elected those politicians, so WE are responsible for it.  We have wished for too much, and our politicians have granted our wishes.

That defining picture, then, becomes whether or not we are willing to accept the responsibility of that huge debt by making the individual sacrifices required to repay it. In the alternative, we can insist on passing that debt on to our children, their children and all the generations to come. THIS, friends, is the real defining question for our generation.

President Obama and the Democrats are betting on individual selfishness and greed of the American voters, while Mr. Romney and the Republicans are betting on the innate morality of American voters.

Basically, the President is telling us that, if we just raise taxes on the wealthiest among us, we can keep everything.  That’s ridiculous!  If we raised taxes in the amount that the President has proposed, and completely shut down the entire military, we still wouldn’t come anywhere close to balancing the budget, and that doesn’t even mention the current massive debt.  In fact, if we raised those taxes AND completely shut down the entire government, entitlement programs (including Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security) and interest would amount to more than the government receives in revenue.  The hard fact is that we MUST reduce expenditures for entitlements, and that means that we all will, at some point, need to make some serious sacrifice.

Since our forefathers won this country, every generation has settled its own debts and paid its own way.  If we leave this debt for our children and grandchildren, what does it say about our generation, and how could we EVER face our ancestors?

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