Hand-ling Immigration

On the one hand, you have Barack Obama who, not long ago, made an imperial proclamation rendering certain undocumented aliens and their families un-de-portable. This, mind you, wasn’t a new law, it was more like the breaking of an old one. Congress has been working for years to come up with a plan which would allow the illegal aliens currently living in this country a pathway to citizenship and which would not punish children for being brought here by parents when they were children.


Obama, who is in desperate need of the Hispanic vote, announced in June that his administration would no longer seek to deport some Hispanics as is required by law depending upon when and how they came to the United States. This feat of magic was accomplished by executive order and will, most likely, find its way into the courtrooms eventually. In the meanwhile, his grip on the Hispanic vote should be a lock.


On the other hand, you have Arizona Governor Jan Brewer whose no-nonsense approach to immigration has landed her administration in the Supreme Court for daring to require Police Officers in her state to ask for immigration documents if there is doubt that the person being interviewed is here legally. Brewer contends that she is merely following the Federal law which requires aliens to carry documentation with them at all times.


Recently, Brewer was in the news again announcing that she and her administration have, via her own executive order, instructed State offices not to provide non-citizens with driver’s licenses, or allow them to use other public benefits without proper citizenship status. This, of course, makes being an illegal alien in Arizona more uncomfortable than it is in less-stringent states.


Today, however, in a Fox News story concerning tax refunds, Alabama’s Republican Senator Jeff Sessions announced that due to a tax loophole, illegals who do not earn money on the books or pay taxes to the government, may be eligible to receive refunds totaling upwards of 7 Billion dollars.


Sessions is the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, sponsored a bill earlier this year which would have kept illegal immigrants from being eligible for the credits and the refunds, but that bill was blocked from coming to the floor for a vote by Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid who said the bill punished innocent Hispanic children.


Jan Brewer says the government isn’t punishing the children – that their law-breaking parents are responsible for that. Nevertheless, because the Obama administration and Democrats including Democrat Harry Reid need the votes of all Hispanic voters – even those who might vote illegally – we taxpayers may add yet another benefit to ignoring the laws of the land. Who said crime doesn’t pay?

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