Secrets No Longer

Last week I wrote extensively about the group of former members of the United State’s intelligence community who were speaking out against the leaking of national security information by the Obama administration. The group calling themselves OP Sec Education Fund, released a video last week (Dishonorable Disclosures) which has since gone viral blasting Obama and his administration for his history of putting covert operators in greater danger.


This week, right on cue, we learn that the new book No Easy Day is slated for release on September 11th. The book is a first-hand account of the raid which killed Usama Bin Laden written (under the pseudonym Mark Owen,) by one of Seal Team Six – the special ops team which accomplished the mission. Owen, has been identified as now retired Seal, Matt Bissonnette, 36, of Wrangell, Alaska.


Mister Bissonnette may be in deep yogurt with the top military brass even though he is now retired from the military.


It seems that his account of the mission was not first vetted by the Pentagon and is, therefore, kin to leaking classified information.


The men who appear in and support the 22-minute film “Dishonorable Disclosures” have not yet weighed in on the Bissonnette/Owen book, but I expect that they will make the argument that the information in the book was already broadcast around the entire world by the President himself. Obama held a press conference and leaked the news of the raid the morning after it happened. He then gave special, unprecedented access to mission information and documents to Kathryn Bigelow, producer of the film Zero Dark Thirty, an account of the same mission which, after garnering stinging criticism for inappropriate politicization of the raid, will not be released until AFTER the election in November


The information and intelligence which might have been used following the Bin Laden raid was rendered instantly useless when news that Americans were holding al Qaeda computers and planning documents. Those pieces of information might have been used to thwart a thousand terrorist raids had the President of the United States not spilled the secrets he did. It seems disingenuous to pile on a military hero when a cowardly president has already done the damage.


I must say that I find the timing of this debate to be a bit tedious. I’d really like to spend the weeks remaining before the election listening to the pro-Obama and anti-Romney crowd as they debate the dismal jobs numbers and economic Armageddon we find endlessly darkening our doorsteps. But, in the long run, Americans will hear perhaps as much of both sides as they care to with or without the Bin Laden static in the background.

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