The Question Before Religious Organizations: God or Mammon?

    “No one can be the slave of two masters; such a slave will hate one and love the other or will be loyal to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” Luke 16:13 The ruling by the SCOTUS on Friday will undoubtedly result in an assault on religious freedom in this country. This is not speculation or hysteria. The possibility | Read More »

    The Fight For Marriage: Giving Up Is Not An Option

    Candidly, the last few days have been discouraging as a Christ-following Christian. I have found myself wondering where God is in all of this and if He has abandoned our country. The amount of hate and intolerance spewed towards Christians who believe the teachings of their faith regarding marriage has been appalling. At times I have felt like just giving up on any hopes our | Read More »

    Addressing The False Meme That Conservatives Are Racist

    In case you have not heard, there is a viral video showing a group of frat boys from the SAE chapter of the University of Oklahoma singing a disgusting racist chant. To the University’s credit, the fraternity was immediately disbanded and today two of the identified offenders were expelled from school. This incident occurred in my own backyard, which has caused me to reflect quite | Read More »

    The Racism Accusations Are Overshadowing The Real Issue In The Eric Garner Case

    The Ferguson case and the Eric Garner case have polarized this country on the subject of minorities and their interactions with police officers. The left-leaning media and well-known race baiters insist that in both cases racism played a major role, while others insist race had nothing to do with either case. Both sides quote statistics to bolster their claims and draw people to their “side.” | Read More »

    Ebola and The Erosion of Trust

    The Ebola crisis has revealed the best in health care workers and the worst. It is commendable that so many would put their lives on the line to treat the suffering. Organizations like Samaritan’s Purse and Doctors Without Borders are doing God’s work. What they are doing highlights the heroism that many health-care professionals possess. However, recent actions (and attitudes) of some health care workers | Read More »

    “Zionism” and A Missed Opportunity

    When I initially heard Sen. Cruz’s comments at a recent event highlighting Christian persecution in the Middle East, I supported his words completely. I even voiced my support on this site in the comment section. Upon reflection, I have come to believe that he perhaps missed an opportunity to share a balanced approach when it comes to Christians and their attitudes towards Israel. Currently, there | Read More »

    The Underlying Question Being Missed In the “Beck Debate”

    I have watched conservatives carry out a vicious circular firing squad on this issue from day one. I have yet to read a piece in which one side or the other is not calling the other “racist” or accusing the other of being “soft” on illegal immigration. This kind of behavior does not promote intelligent or reasonable discussion and often leads to people falsely being | Read More »

    Reform Is Needed With The Mental Health Care System In America

    It seems that every time a tragedy occurs, their is a rush to politicize it. The victims are forgotten in the desire to score political points or further an agenda. The real issues are pushed to the wayside in favor of more politically advantageous rhetoric. Thus when a murderous rampage occurs like the tragedy that unfolded yesterday , the issue of mental illness in this | Read More »

    Neo-Cons And Liberal War Hawks: Two Sides of the Same Coin

      Let me begin by stating that I am not a pacifist. I believe that there are times when war is an unfortunate, but necessary evil. World War II is a prime example of this truth. I equally believe that the United States has a Constitutional obligation to its people to protect them from harm. Thus I believe that war or military action is warranted | Read More »

    My Changing Views on Snowden: Who the Real Heroes Are In the NSA Whistleblowing Case

    When the story first broke that Edward Snowden had leaked information regarding the NSA and their metadata gathering program, strong opinions were voiced by many on both the Left and the Right. Some instantly declared him a traitor, others a hero. I was skeptical of both claims, given the complexity of the situation. So rather than accept one view or the other from a second-hand | Read More »