The Underlying Question Being Missed In the “Beck Debate”

    I have watched conservatives carry out a vicious circular firing squad on this issue from day one. I have yet to read a piece in which one side or the other is not calling the other “racist” or accusing the other of being “soft” on illegal immigration. This kind of behavior does not promote intelligent or reasonable discussion and often leads to people falsely being | Read More »

    Reform Is Needed With The Mental Health Care System In America

    It seems that every time a tragedy occurs, their is a rush to politicize it. The victims are forgotten in the desire to score political points or further an agenda. The real issues are pushed to the wayside in favor of more politically advantageous rhetoric. Thus when a murderous rampage occurs like the tragedy that unfolded yesterday , the issue of mental illness in this | Read More »

    Neo-Cons And Liberal War Hawks: Two Sides of the Same Coin

      Let me begin by stating that I am not a pacifist. I believe that there are times when war is an unfortunate, but necessary evil. World War II is a prime example of this truth. I equally believe that the United States has a Constitutional obligation to its people to protect them from harm. Thus I believe that war or military action is warranted | Read More »

    My Changing Views on Snowden: Who the Real Heroes Are In the NSA Whistleblowing Case

    When the story first broke that Edward Snowden had leaked information regarding the NSA and their metadata gathering program, strong opinions were voiced by many on both the Left and the Right. Some instantly declared him a traitor, others a hero. I was skeptical of both claims, given the complexity of the situation. So rather than accept one view or the other from a second-hand | Read More »

    In Memorium: Dallas Willard (1935-2013)

    Among all of the busyness of this week’s news cycle came the sad news that Dallas Willard passed away on Wednesday of pancreatic cancer. Dallas Willard was a professor of philosophy at USC and at one time was the director of  that department. He was also one of the greatest Christian thinkers/theologians to emerge within the last fifty years. He has been described  by many | Read More »

    Jason Collins: The Hypocrisy & Bias of the Leftist Media

    Today Jason Collins became the first active professional athlete in a major sport to “come out” as being gay. As expected, the Left- leaning media sites were fawning all over him, hailing him as “courageous”, a “hero” and  a “role model.” Some even tried to liken him to Jackie Robinson. Forget that Jason Collins is an average professional basketball player (who recently got dumped by | Read More »

    Time To End the Self-Imposed Gag Order On the Growing Evangelical Church

    This diary is inspired by an exchange by Bill O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham a few days ago on the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News. The discussion surrounded the removal of the word “Easter” from the egg hunts of several public schools in the nation. O’Reilly expressed some shock and a little irritation that no churches or Christian organizations had stood up in these communities to | Read More »

    It is Time to Undo the Culture of Violence

    I hesitated to write this diary today out of concern that it may be too soon after such a horrible tragedy. We are still reeling as a nation from the murders of innocent children and the adults who worked with them at Sandy Hoke Elementary. The only comparable feeling to describe it is how I felt after 9/11 and how I felt as child when | Read More »

    Reflections on Why We Lost and How to Solve It

    The inevitable hand-wringing and pointing fingers has begun within GOP circles. Some want to toss out Social Conservatives, others want to pander to Latino voters by granting blanket amnesty, some say the Ron Paul vote stayed home, other claim the Evangelicals did, and so on and so forth. Many of the reactions are extreme and not founded on any facts, data, or common sense for | Read More »

    The Election 2012: Now is Not the Time for Despair and Hand-Wringing

    I am not going to lie, I was crushed when I heard that we would be subjected to four more years of Obama. But surprisingly, I did not feel myself slip into despair. There were some silver linings in defeat. We retained the House (with a large margin), we picked up State governorships, and we gained control of some State legislatures. This means that our | Read More »