Gun-rights advocate, shot by crazed leftist

    When characterizing the Giffords shooting, my above headline is so unfair that most RedState readers probably cringed when they saw it.  Indeed, I cringed when I typed it. Yet as inaccurate and unfair as it is, it’s much more accurate than any of the drivel being spewed on the left, shamelessly trying to tie 22-year-old Jared Loughner to the tea party. Backing my headline is | Read More »

    Climate-change scientist, Oppenheimer, proud to be within 65% margin of error

    Okay…there’s almost no way to take these guys seriously anymore.  Check out Item #4 at the following FoxNews link:”Eight Botched Environmental Forecasts.”  Oft-quoted Princeton scientist and climate-change advocate Michael Oppenheimer speaks of a 65% margin of error in their temperature predictions.  If that’s the standard these guys are using, then everything they say is completely meaningless.  I could probably make 20 climate predictions while singing | Read More »

    The GOP establishment gives another chairmanship to a RINO

    First, the Republicans reward Michigan Rep. Fred Upton for banning the light bulb, by putting him in charge of energy.  Now they reward Illinois Rep. Tim Johnson for voting against farmers’ property rights, by putting him in charge of–-you guessed it–-farming. Tim Johnson will head the Rural Development Subcommittee of the House Agriculture Committee.  While this is far from a stellar position, the irony is | Read More »

    A classic case of professional jealousy? A Rasmussen poll would suggest that’s what’s bugging Lindsey

    What is it about S.C. RINOs?  In 2009, the (soon-to-be “primaried”) S.C. congressman Bob Inglis voted to censure fellow South Carolinian Joe Wilson for yelling “you lie” at Obama.  And now we have Lindsey Graham calling his colleague, Jim Demint, a “loser” and suggesting he is selfish for helping conservative candidates. Well Murkowski, Crist, Scozzafava, Raggio (ad nauseum) have proven that when it comes to | Read More »

    Castle vs. O’Donnell: A Mythical Debate

    Who should a Republican vote for—Mike Castle or Christine O’Donnell?  By now, the arguments on both sides are as tired as a death-penalty debate in a freshman English class.  So I’ll cut to the chase.  Who should Republicans vote for?  O’Donnell.  Republicans should vote O’Donnell.  It isn’t even debatable. All you have to do is look at the best-case scenario of a Castle win and | Read More »

    The Case Against Blue-State RINOs

    Recently, at, we posted a response to a column by Bruce Walker: “Of RINOs, Moderate Democrats, and Men.” In Walker’s column, he argues that the G.O.P. should target red-state RINOs, while giving blue-state RINOs a pass.  His premise is familiar– in a blue state, a RINO is the best we can do. Now on the one hand, it’s not difficult to shoot down Walker’s | Read More »