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    Patriot’s Day in Boston

    There aren’t too many people or moments in the world that make me smile. It’s not because I’m a stoic person or that I have a negative world view. I choose to be happy on my own despite a lot of the negative things I encounter because it’s just a healthy way to live. However, the level of goodness on display that has the ability | Read More »

    Iowa Caucus makes history, The Field is Changing

    Iowa has always had one of the most interesting styles of voting during the nomination process, and the attention it gets each election cycle is remarkable. We spend months leading up to the race with our heads spinning over which polls to trust and who’s the front runner at the moment the news feeds last updated. However, until this point, no meaningful votes are actually | Read More »

    Connecticut Could Become 11th to Give In-State Tuition to Illegals

    The democratic leadership in Connecticut is using every avenue possible to emphasize the severity of the state’s budget gap. In the wake of the last election, state residents have been hit with a message is strikingly similar to the one we received as a nation in 2009: shared sacrifice. The overarching rhetoric of how it’s responsible to consider across the board tax increases as a | Read More »

    Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney are Republicans of the Past

    If there is any indication that conservatives in the republican party are rapidly losing patience with the centrist establishment, then look at how the presidential field has been shaping up in the last few months. While the establishment continues along it’s old ways, it’s clear that many people have learned from the disaster that was the 2008 election when we were stuck with John McCain.