I'm a conservative Republican. My top pick for president is Mitt Romney and I'd like to encourage civil discussion here at Red State.


    The Truth About Rush And Chelsea

    Let’s put this smear to rest. From Noel Sheppard of It appears the folks at the National Organization for Women can’t defend a conservative woman without attacking Rush Limbaugh. … As NewsBusters reported at the time, Limbaugh never referred to Chelsea as the White House dog. Here’s how the Lying Liar website explained what really happened back then: On his TV show in 1992, a few days after | Read More »

    Dear Mr. Erickson,

    Dear Mr. Erickson, Politico reported your response to claims referenced  in their story about my brother, Phil Larsen, who runs and was banned from According to Politico, you said the following: I rarely participate in banning discussions at RedState of individual accounts, but my understanding from talking to the front page writers is that the Romney supporters whose accounts have been turned off at | Read More »

    Open Letter To RedState, Part III: Various Misunderstandings

    In Part I and Part II of this open letter, we discussed two concerns at length, health care and abortion. I want to thank all who have read and commented. I value each of your thoughts, as I hope you value mine. In this third “chapter,” we will continue discussing the issues. Much of the information provided comes from, which I co-founded. Additional sources and | Read More »

    Open Letter To RedState, Part II: Honesty and Abortion

    Part I of this open letter addresses health care      Part III addresses various concerns “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant, it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” – Ronald Reagan Liberals are not born. They are created. When people become entrenched in false ideas they no longer feel a need to search for truth. But we | Read More »