Rendell: PA’s Blago?

Pennsylvania statehouse and political news and commentary from The Harrisburg Patriot-News – PennLive.com .

In the above referenced article, we read about Gov. Ed Rendell’s gutsy move to hire a buddy of his to promote tourism in the woods of the very northern parts of Pennsylvania – for a salary of $95K. This came shortly after he made a royal decree that the state offices are in a hiring freeze because of the Commonwealth’s budget deficit. When we’re in a situation where we can’t afford to give underpaid professionals a meritory or time-based increases, where can we afford to pay someone nearly six figures to convince people to come visit the trees in Tioga County.

Additionally, throughout his administration, Rendell has had other spectacular ideas to improve Philade–I mean, Pennsylvania. How much of our money got dumped into SEPTA to bail them out? There has also been a great deal of speculation over the improper use of funds from the new gambling & gaming industry – potentially going into the pockets of Rendell’s buddies back home.
We also witnessed Rendell trying to sell off the Turnpike to private industry to make some quick cash for the Commonwealth. I can only see this causing tolls to increase – how else will the private company make up their millions (billions?) of dollars they well spend to buy the turnpike?

When time passes and we look back on the Rendell administration, I can see corruption being exposed much in the same way we saw across the country in Illinois. Lucky for us, we didn’t have a Senator elected or nominated to higher office – that would have given us a lot more to talk about!

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