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    Arizona Rancher stopping illegals fights lawsuit

    What is our nation coming to when a property owner and U.S. Citizen can be sued for defending his personal property in a U.S. Court by a group of foreign nationals attempting to come into the country illegally while also trespassing on private property? This is disturbing – why are the rights of Americans sacrificed for the assumed rights of those who have no legal | Read More »

    Obama to impose salary caps…

    Obama to Impose Salary Caps on Bailed Out Fat Cats – Presidential Politics | Political News – . One of the most common parallels conservatives/Republicans draw to the Democratic party and liberal movement is the trend to move towards Socialism – the government providing ALL services to people for higher tax rates. Socialism, in it’s very nature, is not too far removed from outright | Read More »

    Change I Can Believe In… Part II

    As our new President is beginning to navigate the waters of the Executive Branch, I think we’re starting to see his true colors. I think back to my previous post that considered the various choices Mr. Obama has made for his cabinet and other executive offices. If you want to go back and read that post, click here. The basic idea of that post was, I | Read More »

    Rendell: PA’s Blago?

    Pennsylvania statehouse and political news and commentary from The Harrisburg Patriot-News – . In the above referenced article, we read about Gov. Ed Rendell’s gutsy move to hire a buddy of his to promote tourism in the woods of the very northern parts of Pennsylvania – for a salary of $95K. This came shortly after he made a royal decree that the state offices | Read More »

    A thought on the Fringe Effects of the Bailout…

    As I was driving from Philadelphia back to Harrisburg tonight, I took a look around me at some of the other cars on the road and got to thinking more about the auto industry bailout and the massive lack of popularity around our country. Many people in this country took a look at Ford, GM and Chrysler, all on the verge of failure – some | Read More »

    Thoughts at Christmastime

    In light of today’s holiday, I want to take a departure from my typical tone of criticism and questioning to reflect on how far we’ve come as a people. If you look back at this election season, there were many firsts and extremes all over the ballots, both Primary (or at your state’s Caucus/Convention) and General. Regardless of how primaries and the general election ended | Read More »

    Police to get training after head-scarf wearer’s arrest.

    Police to get training after head-scarf wearer’s arrest – While I do have an appreciation for other cultures’ traditions and norms, I think our country is sacrificing our own norms to the point that we’re losing the “American” lifestyle with which we all grew up. So many parts of the culture that I’ve known are becoming taboo. It’s hard for us to maintain what | Read More »

    Caroline Kennedy Declines to make Financial Disclosure…

    Kennedy Declines to Make Financial Disclosure – What is somewhat troublesome to me is that Caroline Kennedy is trying to get into the game of politics that many of her family members have played successfully – John, Robert, Ted “My name is Edward”, and so on and so forth – but she wants to do it without playing by the rules. Even when there | Read More »

    Ballot Madness: Tipping the Scales in MN Recount – Ballot Madness: Tipping the Scales in Minnesota’s Senate Recount – Opinion. This article, by and large, speaks for itself. There are some incredibly fishy practices going on in Minnesota; some very underhanded moves. Perhaps Blago is helping them make a clear decision on who wins the Senate race? ::g::

    Nationalized Healthcare?

    Our newly elected president continues to tout his love for creating a nationalized healthcare system. The motivation and politics behind this is providing medical care for those who do not have any insurance. This sounds great – on paper. So did communism. Upon the creation of the national healthcare system, we will eventually take away the need for insurance companies. All your current healthcare contributions | Read More »