* Lingensjo is a forth generation builder, who became a journeyman carpenter at an early age. After four years in the US Navy (running rivers in Vietnam) and graduating from Cal State University LA, Lingensjo worked in the family construction business and obtained his contractors license. Richard graduated to project manager of large facilities. His book is the culmination of Lingensjo


    independence and liberty

    Most citizens have not done the math:   1776 minus 1492 = 284 years 2013 minus 1776 = 237   The upper period was 47 years longer (exact dates don’t matter), from the initial European Explorer arrival (focus on point) on the North American Continent, until the Revolutionary War; versus the elapsed time from that War to today. Many people (including me) imagined, for some | Read More »

    opposition industry

    Sean Hannity (met him in San Diego) declares at least once during each of his radio talk shows that; some statement of a liberal is “unbelievable”. Other radio talk show hosts (I sample all in my radio area) have proclaimed; they don’t understand liberal thinking.   Over the past 50 years I struggled with my inability to comprehend liberal thinking. After-all many liberals have a | Read More »