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    What We Pretend to Be…

    …we eventually become.  Great saying, and usually true, but sometimes, it doesn’t always work out so well.  Imagine if Bruce Willis became a New York City Police officer.  I love the Die Hard movies.  John McClane is a great cop, so I’m sure Bruce will do a bang up job too…right?  While we’re at it, I’d like to put Keifer Sutherland in the hotseat at | Read More »

    Obama: The Worst Chess Player Ever

    It has been announced that Medvedev and Putin, they dynamic duo of the new Communist Russia have reached, or nearly reached agreements with Cuba and Venezuela to host Russian strategic bombers.  Now, while many readers are thinking to themselves that this is going to be Cuban Missile Crisis Part Two, a few things should first be examined.  While JFK was untested as a president, he was well tested | Read More »