John Birch Society

I have a coworker who is always on about how Teapartiers are just the “new JBS” who are “a bunch of nuts”.  I have always heard the John Birch Society was an extremist group but I have been looking at www.jbs.org lately and I don’t see what all the fuss is about.  They have several basic principles:

  • property rights
  • anti-communism
  • Christian values
  • growth is good

There is nothing I could find on their web site that had militia-like stuff on it or any promotion of violence except as a nation in defense of itself.  The one thing I saw some red staters (possibly myself included but as I have written before I am in favor of nukes, nukes, and more nukes and fewer conventional forces) would object to is they want less military spending.  So I ask you fellow red staters, where did this organization get such a bad name?  Are they just getting a smear like the Teapartiers because that is easier than addressing the issues they raise?

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