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    Let’s Be Honest About Ted Cruz

    You always know the loosing argument because they ignore the opposing side’s best talking point. I’m not trying take Sen. Cruz down a peg, rather, I think he has great potential – but now that your under the spot light, it’s time to step up. This isn’t a Texas BBQ where you can just spout off on anything you want and pass the the mic | Read More »

    Straight Talk on Debt Reduction

    I believe it has become clear over the past two-plus years that the focus on debt reduction has not worked as planned. We have gotten very little debt reduction, including literally no reduction in projected entitlement spending – the primary driver of future deficits. Given that this has been, if not the sole national legislative priority, the highest national legislative priority for the Republican Party | Read More »

    How about we message conservative values?

    The sequester is Obama’s fault. We have amazing message discipline on this point right now – just like we had great discipline on Benghazi, on “you didn’t build this,” on the “contraceptive mandate,” on “Fast and Furious,” and on others. But what are we debating here? What’s this argument about? I have a crazy idea though. Seeing as how these messages are the few Republican | Read More »

    Latinos Are Liberal – Immigration Reform Won’t Help With That

    “(Latinos) should be a natural Republican constituency: striving immigrant community, religious, Catholic, family-oriented and socially conservative (on abortion, for example).” – Charles Krauthammer There are a number of reasons to reform our nation’s immigration laws. I’m married to an immigrant and can think of several.  Of course, these reforms should be linked to better enforcement of immigration laws and better border security.  But one reason | Read More »