Eyes wide shut.

    Many Americans seem to be willing to vote for Obama, in spite of the mysteries surrounding him and his campaign. Obama is sending his voters out to vote early. What is Obama afraid of? What is he hiding and why? There are three questions that Obama could clear up right now. First, he could release his original birth certificate and that would end all of | Read More »

    Why the Democrats need to win.

    While watching the Sunday talk shows today, it suddenly became very clear to me why the Democrats need to win this election. First, we are finally winning in Iraq. That is unacceptable. We need to immediately pull the troops out so that we can send them into Darfur, Afghanistan and Pakistan, to rebuild those countries and create Democracies there. We simply chose the wrong war. | Read More »

    How did I miss the election?

    Europe has voted, the Middle East has voted, the MSM has voted. Obama is our President. He is sitting in the seats of Heads of State. He has proclaimed that the success in Iraq had nothing to do with Bush or McCain, the Iraqis themselves implemented his plan. He is sending more troops to Afghanistan. He is on the hunt for Osama.