Brilliant Sarah Palin analogy

    From (via Instapundit): A “Star Wars” analogy:  Remember when Darth Vader faced off with Obi-Wan Kenobi?  “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”  She’s now immune from bogus legal claims and her book will not only raise her profile but set up her family financially for life.  Now Sarah is unbound, freed from the need to be up | Read More »

    Nationalized health care is a great idea, let’s take it even farther

    Nationalized health care is a great idea. We all need health care at one time or another. And it’s become so expensive that none of us can afford to pay for it – at least not after we pay for our housing, food, clothing, transportation, vacations, jewelry, college education, and taxes. I think the government taxpayers should pay for everybody’s health care. And since I | Read More »

    Obama causes gas price increase

    Here’s a chart to show what I was saying in my earlier post. When Bush allowed offshore drilling, the price of oil fell and fell. When Obama banned offshore drilling, prices went up and up.


    Oil price falls/rises with allowing/banning offshore drilling

    As gas prices rise, it’s very interesting to look at a chart of oil prices (e.g. here) and to compare the prices on two particular dates: July 14, 2008 and February 10, 2009. Those dates are just about the top and bottom of the price curve. So what happened on those two dates? On July 14, 2008, President Bush lifted the ban on offshore drilling | Read More »