Blaming the Victim and the “Rape Culture”

    A supposed comedy called “The Interview”, about the assassination of North Korea’s still-living (as far as we know) man-child, monstrous dictator Kim Jong Un, was set to be released on Christmas Day. The film’s distributor, Sony, had its computer systems hacked by, according to our illustrious federal government, those attached to the North Korean regime run by Kim. The hacking revealed some emails between the | Read More »

    Response to plumely; It’s Not “Gay Marriage”, It’s Responding to Marriage “Equality”

    “With that in mind here is how you can reply to someone when they ask, ‘How do you feel about Gay Marriage?’” One problem. That is not the phrasing being used. It’s all about “equality” as defined by the homosexual “marriage” advocates. To its supporters, the problem is that getting a marriage license is restricted due to gender. That’s how they put it. It’s a | Read More »

    Goofy Same-Sex “Marriage” Rulings

    Several federal district court “judges” and at least one state court “judge” have recently thrown out the various state constitutional amendments where the state will only recognize a marriage when it consists of one man and one woman. These recent cases have cited the slanderous Windsor majority opinion as precedent, even though all it was supposed to do was force the federal government to apply | Read More »

    Mother Jones Commits “Random Act of Journalism”, Eich Edition – UPDATED

    Hat tip for the title of this post has to go to Rush Limbaugh. And that is exactly what happened. In a piece titled “OkCupid’s CEO Donated to an Anti-Gay Campaign Once, Too“, it has come out that the firm that initiated the forced ouster of former Mozilla CEO Brandon Eich is run by rank hypocrites (the same guy also donated to rank hypocrite Barack | Read More »

    Immigration Changes: GOP Looking Long-term To WH in 2016

    I want to get this out of the way. In no way do I approve of the approach the GOP is taking on immigration. Unfortunately, the GOP leadership likes being a part of big government at the federal level. Oh, maybe not as much as Democrats. But, in this day and age where being “proactive” somehow means the GOP can show it can govern, we | Read More »

    The Liars Beat Cuccinelli: Here’s Proof

    The post-mortem on the Ken Cuccinelli loss is in full swing. Naturally, the loudest of those claim Cuccinelli lost because of his social conservatism, in particular, Cuccinelli’s defense of Virginia’s “Crimes Against Nature” (sodomy) law, specifically Sec. A, in the courts. Naturally, wildly dishonest speculation about Cuccinelli’s defense of this law led the worst to complain about how he would use this law to prosecute | Read More »

    Democrat Media Ignores Basic Humanity

    The following is one of the sickest, saddest stories I’ve ever read. It is a story of media failure. It is where our country is heading. It is where Democrats want to take us. Can you find the obvious flaw in the headline of this AP story? “Autopsy inconclusive for fetus found in NYC bag“. But as mentioned in the following two excerpted paragraphs, that | Read More »

    Obama “Judge” Looking To Destroy Marriage and Federalism

    Via The Volokh Conspiracy, Gawker is reporting that an Obama-appointed Democrat politician masquerading as a federal judge in the Southern District of Ohio has decided that the state’s definition of marriage as a one man-one woman relationship is unconstitutional. “Judge” Timothy Black slapped a preliminary injunction to Sec. 11 of Article XV of the Ohio Constitution, passed by Ohio voters in 2004, along with Sec | Read More »

    1863, Part I – Prelude

    At the time, the United States was approaching the age of four score and seven years. The country was engaged in the Civil War, a conflagration which showed no signs of abating. On January 1st of that year, President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation took effect whereby all slaves in areas not under the control of the federal government were freed. While the effects were minimal | Read More »

    If Obama Had 4 Sons, They Might Look Like These Chaps

    As is his wont, Barack Obama will inject himself into a racially charged legal matter when he shouldn’t. Bryan Preston explains the what and the why: But Obama went out of his way to publicly comment on the Martin killing, declaring that if he had a son, “he would look like Trayvon.” Obama chose to comment on the case at a time when his poll | Read More »