Wisconsin’s Shovel-Ready Project Ready to Go…in 2011

The state of Wisconsin is all set to use the money it received from Porkulus for a “shovel-ready” project:

The largest transportation project in state history will expand Interstate 94 to eight lanes between the Mitchell interchange and Kenosha County. The project is expected to last seven years.

The $1.9 billion project — even bigger than the just-completed Marquette Interchange — will rebuild the entire 35 mile stretch of Interstate 94 from the Mitchell Interchange south to the state line, as well as add a fourth lane in both directions. Of the total $1.9 billion price tag, $98 million will be funded by federal stimulus money.

“Name-that-Party” Governor Jim Doyle (he’s a Democrat) is as happy as a pig in slop because Porkulus will create patronage essential jobs for this project to ease Wisconsin’s expanding unemployment.¬† Well, it would, except for one thing:

Construction on the highway itself will not begin until 2011.

Porkulus is going to stimulate job growth fairly quickly and in the short term? Only according to Obama’s propaganda.

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