DoJ Working Hard To Complete Fast & Furious Cover Up

House Government and Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) was forced to delay the hearings on the Obama regime’s cover up of Operation Fast & Furious because the Justice Department’s Inspector General is delaying the release of its long overdue report. Former Civil Rights Division attorney J. Christian Adams highlights from The Hill one of the main reasons why [emphasis from original]:

[IG Michael] Horowitz told Issa that agencies and officials named and criticized in the report were being allowed to respond to the IG’s findings in an effort to make it as fair and accurate as possible. The new hearing has been scheduled for next Wednesday.

Adams mentions that during the Bush-era hiring non-scandal that got nobody killed, as opposed to the current regime’s Fast & Furious, the IG never let any of those involved even see the reports that were going to come out, let alone respond to them ahead of time. Of course, the Obama regime makes it a point to fire and destroy IGs that cross Dear Leader; see, there are different rules for Democrat Presidents, and Democrats are the only ones who can change the rules at a whim.

What isn’t mentioned by Adams is when the IG report is finally released, Issa should be able to go after the 70,000 documents the DoJ has been trying to keep away from Congress. He’ll probably need them after viewing a report that will probably exonerate every one of Obama’s appointed hacks of covering up this travesty. Provided Obama and Holder haven’t secretly shredded them and taken them off of the servers.

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