Obama, Dems Dumb Down America, Muslims

Yes, he and they do. But do you know how? You probably do, but Obama and the Dems have taken it to a different level.

As you know whenever a gun is used to commit a mass murder, Democrats come out en masse to scream for gun control. And what do they say? “GUNS KILL!!!” Really? Guns kill? If you ask Democrats how the gun did the killing without someone firing it, they go into contortions to say this and that; the magazine had too many bullets, it was an assault rifle when it wasn’t, a crazy person had access to a legally purchased firearm, ad infinitum. There are no end of excuses Democrats will use. All the while, they deliberately and completely ignore the Second Amendment and the Heller and McDonald cases that point out the Second Amendment is every American’s individual civil right. (And if you think about it, Democrats are extremely short sighted; if called upon, a well-armed individual called up to defend the nation will already come equipped, and the federal government wouldn’t have to pay for the firearm.) Democrats are happy to destroy this civil right, justifying it with a wholly illogical argument; an inanimate object, something that cannot function without human intervention, can kill people. Ironically, it is people wielding these inanimate objects who are murdering, at a record level, other people in Obama’s ol’ stompin’ grounds of Chicago.

Fast forward to the present where terrorists in a pre-planned attack on September 11, 2012 murdered four Americans, including an American ambassador, in Benghazi, Libya. Despite evidence to the contrary, we see Obama at the UN this week blaming a video for the cause of these murders. Now, what is a video? Videos are inanimate objects, not things that, quoting Gimli the dwarf (is that politically correct?) in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, “spring out of holes in the ground!” A person had to have made it. But even this isn’t enough. Someone had to get the video to the Middle East in order for it to cause Muslims to riot and commit murder. Now it’s entirely possible the people behind the film made sure Middle East Muslims saw it. However, there is circumstantial evidence to have me believe that it would be Muslim terrorists and radicals who found the video and distributed it in order to rile up their murderous puppets. We saw this with the riots after Muslim radicals showed the Danish cartoons a few years ago.

Do Obama and his lying minions mention any of this? Of course not. It is easier to blame the inanimate object, and the American who created it, than it is to blame the actual Muslim terrorists. And with Obama enforcing laws that criminalize blasphemy against Islam (and only Islam since Obama has said nothing about the “Piss Christ” blasphemy sitting in a New York art gallery) is easier than defending free speech and the Constitution.

But if you think about, look at what Obama, Democrats, and his supporters are saying. They are stating equivocally that if you are critical of Islam, Muslims will act like savages. Not just the radicals, but all Muslims, even though only a small minority, the terrorists, actually perpetrate the violence. Obama and the Dems want us to believe all Muslims are animals who will be provoked at the slightest insult, so he must ignore the Constitution, something he swore to defend, in order to keep the savage in his/her cage. It’s a complete defamation of whole groups, Americans and Muslims, just so Obama can say his foreign policy is a success and we must re-elect him to maintain the Obama vision. This is exactly what FDR did in World War II to those of Japanese ancestry, a travesty that was made official by Roosevelt’s hand-picked Supreme Court in Korematsu (which is still in effect today).

It is difficult for me to believe anybody would want to vote for such a hateful bigot. Then again, and this depresses me, there is a healthy percentage of the population who are in complete denial of what Obama and today’s Democrat politicians and pundits spew. That lights a fire in me that says we must do something to get the word out, to get Obama and as many Democrats out of office as possible. It’s doable.

Cross-posted at Scipio the Metalcon.

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