Obama’s Secret Plan?

    As I pondered the horror of President Obama continuing his march of destruction through American principles and our economy, I struggle to understand how he can possibly continue despite the evidence that his agenda has been rejected by the American people.  This is one possible (absurd) answer that I so wish were true. Date:  Sunday, November 7, 2010 Location:  Camp David Senator Mitch McConnell and | Read More »

    Is it time to pay off government employees?

    As I watch the ever growing mountain of evidence that our government spending is reaching an unsustainable level, I struggle with a solution on how we stop the spending before the inevitable economic collapses arrives.   Increasing our national debt from $6 trillion to $12 trillion in a mere seven years is a figure so shocking and outrageous, it defies belief.   Short of a political revolution | Read More »

    Senator McConnell, Why do you not listen to us?

    Senator, McConnell,  You have been my US Senator most of my adult life.   I remember speaking with you as a college senior at the University of Kentucky as you ran your inaugural Senate campaign in 1984.   Having lived under Democrat Senators and Congressmen my entire life, the possibility of having a Republican in the Senate from Kentucky seemed remote.   Not only did your bloodhounds chase | Read More »

    Bart Gordon Town Hall — tonight

    This is not on the front page calendar but Bart Gordon, one of the four blue dog traitors that sprung Obama Care from committee, is having a town hall on health care tonight.    I wonder if this a last minute meeting with a friendly audience.  I hope Red State devotees in the district are going. I will give him credit for not hiding as | Read More »

    Kentucky 6th District – opposition town hall

    Blue Dog Ben Chandler (Kentucky 6th District) is hiding from his constituents in Lexington, Kentucky this month.  He is another one of those talk conservative/vote liberal professional politicians that believes he is invincible.  Given Chandler’s history and pedigree he likely does not have a conservative principle left.  Grandson of a former Governor and a former state Attorney General, he flamed out in his run for | Read More »

    The ideological blindness of a liberal

    Once again we have another enlightened liberal reporter bemoaning the inherent unfairness of the US Constitution in preventing the Obama agenda from passing.   It is so terribly unfair that small population states have equal power to the large population states resulting in unequal distribution of tax revenue and agenda control. Check out this sad lament: And then there’s the Senate’s age-old distortion of distributive politics, | Read More »

    Congressional Republicans: join our fight

    Dear Congressional Republicans: The American people are doing what you cannot … we are beating back the takeover of health care by the Socialists.  Thousands of Americans are letting the elites know that we will not let a lie be rammed down our throats.  We are delivering the message you could or would not. September is time for you to join our cause.   The left | Read More »

    End of life discussion

    This past Saturday, my wife celebrated her second birthday without her mother … a sad day still after a year and half of her passing.   The debate over the end of life discussions has me reflecting on her death experience. My mother-in-law was a tough lady … double by-pass at age 50 and two more at age 58.  She managed to live 32 years with | Read More »

    Democrat Congressman Steve Driehaus 1st District Ohio health care forum

    I attended Congressman Steve Driehaus’ health care forum last night sponsored by a Democrat Womens’ club.  It was a capacity crowd with an overflow room and still 50 people left outside … 300 to 400 total. The moderator started the night with an insulting, condescending lecture that the event was for people “concerned about health care” and she would not tolerate an organized mob designed | Read More »

    Cash for clunkers … the next chapter

    Just wait until the next chapter of the Cash for Clunkers is released.  Someday we will see the details of the actual cars bought under Cash for Clunkers be released?  The irony will be the vast number of small Toyota’s, Mazda’s and Kia’s that will be bought.   My neighbors traded in their ten year old minivan to buy a Mazda 3 for their teenage son.  | Read More »