I was born. I live. I marvel at the mayhem around me. Sometimes I foolishly comment on it. Perhaps more foolishly, I babysit a conservative forum for others to comment as well. My wife of 20 years tolerates me, as do the grandkids. I like to hunt, read, trade guns and old cars and set things on fire, figuratively and literally.


    Obamacare’s Increasing Cost

    From my “I am Directly Involved” files: An employee of a company I know Had her employer funded healthcare ended in October of 2013, as expected. At that time she and her husband(same company) filled out everything for Obamacare like 1 or 2 million other people(out of 310 million Citizens). Today they are still waiting to have any confirmation of care. That’s not the real | Read More »

    One of the newer leftist meme’s in defense of their extremist anti-freedom agenda, specifically background checks and registration, is the effort to silence opposition by claiming everyone’s guns are already registered. The NRA did it to us, they say! The Mommies Demanding Action seem to like this one. To provide a convenient, consistent response to this fallacy I find it once again necessary to define | Read More »

    Thoughts of Mitt, the Romneyphobes and the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban

    All of the drama over Mitt as the imperfect candidate has taken me back to the early days of the Bush presidency. When he was silent on the AWB, except to have said if it reached his desk he would sign it. People threw a fit. They wanted him to come out swinging on the issue and that he would go so far as to | Read More »

    What is with these people???

    Seriously, is it just me or is everyone else appalled at the complete lack of quality of what gets foisted upon us for national office?  These people can’t debate.  They can’t offer reasonable plans.  They can’t take a stand and stick to it.  They can’t keep their pants on.  They can’t avoid putting their feet in their mouths up to the knee.  Granted, one or | Read More »

    This is What ( Not A Republic) Democracy Looks Like….

    October 11, 2011 | Author Retro | The Occupy protests are being equated by the always-biased liberal media as analogous to the Tea Party protests. This argument is being used to obfuscate their extreme negative features with the old tried and true “he did it too” routine. Every parent and schoolteacher in the world is familiar with this juvenile tactic and to pull it out | Read More »

    I don’t like Ron Paul, but…

    I don’t like Ron Paul, but I do like his message.  Dr Paul may or may not be a nice enough guy.  No question he’s been a consistent supporter of our Constitution for his entire political career.  I don’t dislike him on a personal level because I don’t know the man.  But as a presidential candidate he’s lacking.  He’s weak in debates and he’s weak | Read More »

    Nominate a conservative, dammit!

    Nominate a conservative, dammit! The time has passed for appeasement.  The time has passed to “just get elected”.  The time has passed to worry more about putting an (R) in front of the name than putting Respect for the Constitution in front of all else.  This is not the time for “Anybody but Obama”.  This is the time to be ideologically rigid.  It is the | Read More »

    Breaking: is a Threat Site

    Just ask your AVG antivirus if you try and register a site as I did with ours(just for yucks). It’ll let you know with a big red Threat! pop-up and in your vault you’ll find Trojan horse Generic24.BJOU Your president is trying to backdoor everyone who turns in their neighbors! Is that not Big Brother at it’s best or WHAT!? More to come… UPDATE 6:00PM: | Read More »

    Community Organizing, Texas Style

    Author Retro Some “community organizing” seems to consist of paid organizers coming into a community, “never wasting a crisis” by trying to create pressure groups to gouge resources out of businesses, pushing for union demands, and demanding government create more and bigger and more generous largesse to redistribute wealth from the private sector to an ever-increasing entitlement class. Class warfare slogans abound, angry rhetoric, and | Read More »

    An Open Letter to Mr Biden, by Retro

    Dear Mr. Vice-President: I am a 68-year old grandmother and small business owner who identifies strongly with the values of the tea party. I am in favor of smaller government, lower taxes and the federal government getting its debt under control and spending no more than it takes in. I have spent my life working hard for the money you and the rest of the | Read More »