I was born. I live. I marvel at the mayhem around me. Sometimes I foolishly comment on it. Perhaps more foolishly, I babysit a conservative forum for others to comment as well. My wife of 20 years tolerates me, as do the grandkids. I like to hunt, read, trade guns and old cars and set things on fire, figuratively and literally.


    The Milkshake Baseline, by Randall Mead

    I love chocolate milkshakes. Like spending is to the national government, chocolate milkshakes are to me: my reason for being. The thicker the better, throw in some malt or fudge and I’m in heaven. I consumed them wherever and whenever possible. And since a good thing can only be made better by having more and more of it, my selfish pleasure demanded I consume more | Read More »

    The Weakling Standard by Randall Mead

    The Weakling Standard Having backed the President of the United States into a corner, resulting in his near-hysterical rant on national television and having changed the entire tone of the current national debate from tax increases to spending cuts, the leadership of the House of Representatives now seems bent upon snatching humiliating defeat from the jaws of victory. Sadly, this is business as usual for | Read More »

    It is time for shared sacrifice, by: Randall Mead

    I watched in utter amazement last Friday as the President of the United States of America had a hold-my-breath, stomp-my-feet, hissy fit on national tv because mean old John Boehner wouldn’t go along with the scheme to rip us off for even more taxes. All the cliches in this matter are true but the best one that sums up the issue is “It’s the spending | Read More »

    Lessons from The Rifleman

    July2, 2011 | Author Randall Mead Well here it is July 2 and I’m in the office trying to catch up on a few things. As is my want, I have my office TV on in the background, on AMC. I like to have a little noise in the background and I’m sort of waiting for one of the best movies ever made, The Man | Read More »

    On the Anniversary of SB1070

    Immigration Facts for Lefties Let’s just start by defining some simple parameters regarding the immigration issue in general and SB1070 in particular. First off are some questions: Are all Hispanics bigots in the opinion of the left? Second, are all Hispanics felons? Last, does SB1070 do anything new? I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that even the lefty answers are predictable | Read More »

    The Obama Credibility Gap

    The Obama Credibility Gap By Scott Conklin April 22, 2011 At the end of the Reign of Bush came a man the youth of the US flocked to. He preached a message of Hope and Change, though to about half the nation he seemed a bit vague on what change he was hoping for. Though to a few voices in the wilderness it seemed obvious. | Read More »

    Drawing Mohammed

    Drawing Mohammed Recently Anwar al-Awlaki put a price on the head of cartoonist Molly Norris.  Her crime?  To suggest that people expose The Prophet through artistic means.  Her catalyst was the censoring of South Park and their portrayal of  Mohammed in a bear suit.  That’s a not so subtle nod to Pedo Bear for those who’ve never encountered 2channel. Now it’s not really that important | Read More »

    Stuck on Stupid; Part…Oh never mind…

    We’re in the midst of a fuel price spike.  We’re watching Egypt repeat Iran circa 1978.  A tiny minority called Union Workers are holding the tax payers hostage in Minnesota and elsewhere.  Real unemployment is near 20% and real inflation is climbing.  So they simply ignore certain areas of the economy in order to pretend it’s not.  Gold and Silver remain strong while the economic | Read More »

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