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    Immigrant Assimilation 80 Years Ago – My Mother’s Story

    My cousin just sent me some mementos from my recently-deceased uncle Frank (my mother’s youngest brother), and among them was a little book that I had almost forgotten.  It is a poignant study of how immigrants of the 1920s embraced their cultural heritage and, at the same time, embraced their new country.  I can remember my mother reading some passages from it to me when | Read More »

    You are Watching the Wrong Hand

    For all the talk about how incompetent the White House is at running the country, don’t let that distract from the fact that Junior is not in the Oval Office to run the country–he’s in there to “fundamentally transform” it.  At that, he has been trained his whole life.

    Narcisso-Canine Syndrome

    As self-absorbed as Junior appears to be, does anybody doubt that his dog, Bo, is epynonymous?

    Offended by Demand for Adherence to the Rule of Law? Nobody Cares.

    Without belaboring the obvious that no one has a right to perpetual absence of offense, the fact of the matter is that anyone, be it naturalized/native-born/border-chrasher, who takes offense at the general demand for adherence to the rule of law is exhibiting behavior inconsistent with that of a good American and can safely be ignored.  No one need or should care when such takes offense | Read More »


    The Reconquista is Spanish Colonialism Reborn

    Maybe somebody can explain to me how Mexican nationalists pushing the Reconquista can be reconciled with the useful idiots’ reflexive spport of “Native American” land claims in the rest of the U.S. territory.  It seems to me that the lands being claimed by the Mexicans are those lost in the Mexican-American War of 1846-48.  These lons will have a lot of trouble wishing away the | Read More »

    Make Border Crashing a Felony

    What do we do with illegal aliens who are felons?  Deport them.  Also, make the law establishing the offense a felony also deny citizenship to offspring of trespassing felons, not to mention denial of right to carry or vote.

    I’m Sticking with Theism, But I’ll Stick Up for the Catholic Church and Her Faithful

    Just like Waylon Jenning’s, my momma tried—I attended Roman Catholic parochial school for all but kindergarten through high school.  In the end, my father (who, in order to marry my mother in the 1940’s Catholic Church, had to “convert”—yeah, right) probably won out, in that my high school education was delivered by the Jesuits and their thorough presentation of theology and reasoning marked my departure | Read More »

    Amendments? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Amendments!

    It seems that, every time statists control the legislative agenda and (true to form) spend money we don’t have on things we don’t need, the faithful in the Stupid Party troop out their favorite hobby horse—the Constitutional amendment.  Whether it’s the Balanced Budget or Term Limits, the sheer impracticality of ever getting an amendment passed is exceeded only by what I believe to be the | Read More »

    The Fair and Balanced Tax Plan

    Upon returning from the local Tax Day Tea Party rally this afternoon, this old engineer/systems guy has the tax plan that is both fair and balanced.  It goes like this: Neither taxation without representation nor representation without taxation can be sustained as a social contract–sooner or later either the parasites vote themselves the treasury or the beasts of burden throw off their yoke. Since there | Read More »


    Taxes and Spending in Government

    Here’s the really simple rule–if there is a deficit, spending is too high;  if there is a surplus, taxes are too high;  if it’s not explicitly in the Constitution, don’t do it.