Illinois “NO” to “The Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act”

    UPDATE:  According to Illinois Review, the democrats have decided to attach gay marriage as an amendment to the automotive rental bill. Illinois voters need to contact their Illinois State Senators and Representatives to vote NO on “The Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act could be introduced by Rep. Greg Harris and Sen. Heather Steans” There is a very good article by Dennis Byrne at the | Read More »


    I received this via email this morning from Illinois State Rifle Association. Here is the contents of the email below.  We need all the help we can get on this so please contact your Illinois senate and house members tomorrow (Wednesday, Jan. 2, 21013).  Please be courteous but be firm. The ISRA has learned from a credible source that Illinois Senate President John Cullerton | Read More »

    Illinois Arrogance…

    I cannot believe  Governor Quinn and the Dem’s in Illinois.  Now they are going to have an internet tax on sites like and  They just want the people of Illinois to suffer. Illinois Governor Signs Amazon Internet Sales Tax Law BTW, this is on top of the 2% tax on incomes that our Gov. raised back on Jan. 12th.  Illinois lawmakers pass big | Read More »

    Britain’s P.M. Callaghan (Leader of Labor Party – 1976)

    I just read the radio address Ronald Wilson Reagan gave on Nov. 16, 1976 about Britain.  Here is a snippet of the radio address that day and I think it pertains to us pretty well.  You can find the whole address and many other prophetic ones in the book, Reagan’s Path to victory: The shaping of Ronald Reagan’s Vision” Page. 93 – 94. Prime minister | Read More »

    Stimulus (porkulus) bill and Religious Discrimination…

    Religious Discrimination: President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are out for Freedom of Religion and they think this is going to stimulate the economy. I think we are getting to close to socialism. No granted, I did not read the whole stimulus bill, but I did skim through it and I missed this part. According to the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), there is a | Read More »

    Illinois Gov…

    According to the Chicago Tribune, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has been taken into custady by federal officials. Stay tuned…

    I was sent this by a friend who’s son create this movie / website. Please go, watch, sign and send to others. What a great script for the video.

    Palin’s experience vs democrat presidential experience

    My Dad, Ken sent me this, very interesting, especially since they were all democrats. **Here is what I have found. Sara Palin is not alone in being a governor then running for president. Here are some other presidents that have similar backgrounds. Remember, these guys were running for president and not VP.Grover Cleveland, Democrat, Mayor of Buffalo, Gov of New York, President Woodrow Wilson, Democrat, | Read More »