Joe Wurzelbacher continues to go around the country motivating the grassroots the way that he did after he was first propelled onto the national scene as the Ohio man who dared to question President Obama’s tax schemes and was nicknamed “Joe the Plumber”. Touring around the State of Wisconsin with Americans for Prosperity during their recent Spending Revolt Tour, Joe addresses the crowds and inspires them with his no non-nonsense, common man conservative speech. In a beige flannel shirt and blue jeans, Joe talked to me on one of his stops for AFP, and was willing to answer some questions about why its important to him to continue to spread the message that has defined him.

    Here are five questions I asked Joe:

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    Herman Caine’s Inspiration

    Herman Cain recounts a story from one of his nationally known books, CEO of Self, where, just before being transferred to becoming VP of operations for Burger King, he faced the difficult task of having to let go one of the worst assistant managers he’d ever seen. The decision was easy: the execution, arduous, because the young man, though he clearly did not have an ounce talent or like for his job, was clearly devastated. . .

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    Seven Questions with Christine O’Donnell

    Like any other conservative running in 2010, Christine O’Donnell hopes that a November 2 victory signals the end of a damaging era in American Politics. For Christine; however, there is an added weight to the occasion. . .she would be the winner of an open race that could throw the Democrat’s plans for a lame-duck counteroffensive into a tailspin.

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