TRANSCRIPT: Obama & Soros “The Conversation”

    November 15, 2004 RING Obama: “Hello?” Soros: “Hello Barack. Here’s the deal. I’ve had my eye on you since your speech in July. Kerry dropped the ball. He doesn’t have what you have. He doesn’t have the polish or charisma you’ve got. Did you know I spent 100 million dollars trying to get him elected?” Obama: “No. I had heard you spent a sizable amount | Read More »

    Barack Obama – The “Dial In” President

    Reading the mainstream media reports of the President’s actions one wonders how they do it. “Do what?” you ask? How they make it sound like he has a personality and cares about anything. “Obama slams Arizona law as ‘misguided’” “Obama calls upon China” “Obama attacks GOP” “Obama urges” All these adjectives for action, motivation and emotion emerge to try and give life to his Presidency | Read More »

    To the Idiots now Sitting in Darkness

    Here we are. The New Millennium. The 21st Century. 2009. This planet was supposed to be a sparkling, technological paradise in 2009. Since the industrial revolution, mankind has been moving forward. Eliminating diseases, building ever-improved shelters and means of transportation so that the quality of life would increase for all touched by this progress. In 1893 the people alive were thrilled about the technologies they | Read More »

    It is their moral code that is now being tested.

    It is late in the day, the sun is setting through the cleft in the cliff and Dagny stands on the foyer as I sit and watch the latest riot footage from New York and California. “Will you turn that thing off and come out here? The sunset is spectacular.” I click off the LCD flat screen and it retracts into the wall and turns | Read More »