The USPS is in desperate need of reform

    The United States Postal Service (U.S.P.S.) is in desperate need of reform. Once a revered pillar of our country, they have lost sight of their core mission and it is costing taxpayers greatly. Instead of focusing on mail delivery, the U.S.P.S. has shifted towards services like the delivery of flowers and groceries, which are losing money. It is not surprising that they announced they suffered | Read More »

    Repeal and Replace- The Tax Code

    Incoming Senate Finance Committee Chairman (R-UT) released a 350-page primer on tax reform – individual and corporate – outlining the issues lawmakers will have to tackle in an effort to reform our tax code.  As the committee noted in an accompanying press release, “At over 70,000 pages in length, the U.S. tax laws are a labyrinth of red tape. The current tax system is anti-competitive, complicated, unfair, and | Read More »

    Tax Reform: It’s Time for Congress to Sink, or Swim

    With the 2014 election now in the rear view mirror conservatives have a unique opportunity to move forward with true reforms to our economic, fiscal and tax systems that can show the American people that conservative policies work better. In order to do this conservatives must come together on true reforms which can not only pass through Congress but which muster significant change. While this | Read More »

    The ObamaCare of the Airwaves?

    The Federal Communications Commission needs spectrum and its Chairman Tom Wheeler has come up with a plan. He has proposed a so-called “reverse auction” in which the Commission will establish a price it is willing to pay for “blocks” of spectrum and those broadcasters who are interested in selling will unload some of their spectrum rights. As the Hill reports, “In the auction, the FCC will buy back | Read More »

    An Anniversary We Shouldn’t Be Celebrating

    It reads like a cruel joke- but it’s not. April 1 marks the second anniversary of the U.S. having the world’s highest corporate tax rate. Two years ago we won this undignified honor after Japan enacted tax reforms. Currently at 39 percent (a combination of the 35 percent federal rate and the average rate levied by U.S. states), America’s tax code is much higher than | Read More »

    Camp Legislation a Crucial First Step

    Yesterday Representative Dave Camp introduced fundamental tax reform legislation that will serve as a good first step in conservatives changing the discussion over tax reform. Unlike most recent proposals the Camp proposal first should be applauded for its boldness. Chairman Camp’s proposal is not a minor one, but a pro-growth re-write of the tax code. As the Wall Street Journal wrote today, the Camp plan | Read More »

    PA Legislators Consider Harmful Health Care Changes

    The bad news on ObamaCare just keeps rolling in. Just today we read about how the Congressional Budget Office predicts that ObamaCare will mean 2 million fewer workers in the labor market by 2017. Millions of Americans have already lost their health insurance or are experiencing higher premiums, many others haven’t signed up at all due to President Obama’s flawed health care law. ObamaCare has | Read More »

    PA Law Could Set Terrible Precedent For Rest of Country

    Every American has witnessed what happens when the federal government interjects itself into our healthcare.  Despite the terrible implications of ObamaCare, two Pennsylvania legislators are following in the law’s footsteps by involving the government in a private dispute between two healthcare entities.  The Pennsylvania legislature held a hearing on House bills 1621 and 1622.  In response, I wrote an op-ed in Harrisburg’s Patriot-News to bring | Read More »

    Five Stupid Things States Are Doing on Health Care

    Eighty percent of Americans were happy with their health care coverage before President Obama and Congressional Democrats overhauled the system.  Now, as a result, 80 million Americans or more could lose their employer sponsored coverage.   But as we watch ObamaCare implode in the national spotlight, Americans for Job Security is also paying attention to what is happening in states across the country.  In that vein, | Read More »

    Higher Taxes Lead to Higher Job Growth?

    Of course not. But thats what one liberal advocacy group is trying to claim. I’ve been talking for years about the importance of lowering this country’s exorbitant corporate tax rate. It would be a useful prescriptions for pulling us out of the last half decade’s unemployment rut. Although there are a variety of sides to this argument (and I have long advocated for more aggressive | Read More »